The Walking Dead — Episode Two: Starved For Help Walkthrough

A Walk in the Woods

Episode 2 throws you right back in the mix, with Lee standing over a walker poised to strike.  Aim at the walker and press the action button to kill it. Enter the new guy, Mark, after a lengthy conversation that will force you to give your opinion on a few characters, Lee and Mark will hear a call for help.

The cry is coming from a couple of high schoolers and their teacher who has been caught in a bear trap.  You will have the option to either leave him to die or cut him loose.  Cutting the teacher lose is a grisly affair that involves aiming your axe at the poor man’s leg and pressing the action button to lop it off.  It will take a few swings to do this, so be prepared to wince.

The Motor Inn

Upon returning from your walk in the woods, a confrontation starts about the food situation in which you will have the option to side with Kenny, side with Lily, or stay neutral.  No matter what you do Lily will make you decide who will gets the food for today.  Give the food to different characters to earn their loyalty.  You can also use this time to talk to the members of your group.

After distributing the food Katja will call you over to let you know that the man you brought back is dead.  What she doesn’t know is that he is now a walker.  Button mash the action button in order to save Katja, then the walker will grab Lee. Move the left analog stick to the  left and right to bash the walker’s head against the truck, then press the action button to get away.  Doug will help out by hitting the walker on the side of the head. After he feeble attempt, aim for the walker’s head and kick him away.  Then, pull back on the left analogue stick to escape the truck.  The walker will jump on top of you, button mash the action button to keep it at bay.  Mark will tell you to move out of the way so he can kill the walker with the axe.  Pull the joystick to the left to stay clear and let Mark do the dirty work.

The newbie, Ben, will then reveal to the group that his friend was not bit, that anyone who dies will come back as a walker.  People will start to lose their cool, but become distracted when two men approach.  These men tell the group they are Andy and Dan, then will offer to exchange food for gasoline.

Arriving at the Farm

On the way to the farm you will be asked some questions by the St. John’s brothers and witness a confrontation between some bandits.  Upon reaching the farm the St. John brothers will introduce you to their mother, Brenda.  The three of them will make a really good pitch for your group moving to their farm, inspiring Carly/Doug and Ben to return and bring the rest of the group to the farm.

After talking with the St. John’s family take a walk around the ground, note the fence, the generator, and the entrance to the barn, then report back to Mark. In the opposite direction of Mark, the barn, and Andy is a broken swing by the cornfield.  If you look at it, Andy will talk to you about repairing it.  Return to the area by the generator and use the action button while aiming at a pile of boards behind Andy.  This will cause Lee to cut the boards up, so all you’ll need is some rope.  Go through the wood gate leading up to the house and walk to the far end of the porch.  There Lee will find a storage box, inside of which, is some rope.  Use the action button to open the box and take the rope, then return to the swing in order to fix it.  After you are done scouting, talk to Andy to start scouting the perimeter.

Checking the Fence

While scouting the perimeter you will be asked to comment on Larry again.  When you’re done talking with Mark you will have to push a walker off of the fence. Alternate between talking and removing walkers until the fence turns on.  Lee and Mark come under fire from hidden attackers and duck behind a tractor for cover.

The first thing to do is to move to the left, aim at the wooden block in front of the tractor, then press the action button to remove it.  Then move the right (toward the back of the tractor) and do the same thing to detach the tiller behind it.  Slowly move Lee so that he stays behind the tractor while it rolls along.

Before long, the tractor will be blocked by a dead walker.  Move to the left, aim the cursor at the walker, and press the action button to move it.  You will have to do this one more time, except this walker is alive.  Aim the cursor at the walker and press the action button twice, then button mash the action button to escape. Now you will have to stay far enough ahead to avoid the crawling walker, but remain in cover.  Use the shadow of the tractor to gauge your location, staying as far ahead of the walker as possible, without making yourself vulnerable to the attackers.

Upon your return, Kenny’s family, Lily, Larry, and Clementine will arrive.  Andy will tell Lee and the group about a gang of bandits that have been terrorizing their camp.  You will now have the ability to walk around more of the grounds than before and talk to your group about their take on St. John’s Dairy Farm.

The Camp

Dan will escort you on your journey to the bandit camp and it won’t take long for Lee to find it.  Sneak up to the camp and tell Dan your assessment.  Look around the camp. Behind some of the boxes to the left of the tent is a small camera Lee can pick up.  Dan will move from his spot at the tent to talk to you, allowing you to look inside.  Inside the tent, among other things, you will find Clementine’s hat.  Upon emerging the tent, a woman, Jolene, will threaten you with a crossbow.  You can either choose to shoot her or let Dan do it.

Back at the Farm

When you return to the farm it will be clear that tension is still high.  Brenda will talk to you about the situation before letting you look around the farm again.  The barn is open now and inside you’ll find Katja and the kids around the St. John’s single remaining cow. Take the opportunity to return Clementine’s hat to her. When Lee walks to the back, aim at the lock, and hit the action button. Kenny will approach him and ask what Lee speculates is back there. Look at the screws in the lock and Lee will come up with an idea to get in the door. At this point, Andy will tell Lee and Kenny that he doesn’t want them messing around with the door before Katja calls him back to help with the cow.

There’s nothing left in the barn, head outside, through the gate, and to the work bench near the white picket fence. Here you’ll find a tool box.  Press the action button while aiming at it to find a multi-tool inside.  Walk to the generator and hit the action button to take a closer look.  Now use the pliers to open the yellow panel door.  Once the door is open, turn off the generator by aiming at the power button in the upper right hand corner, then use the pliers to remove the generator belt.  Andy will come out of the barn to inspect the generator, allowing you to sneak back into the barn, unchecked.

Once in the barn, head for the lock and press the action button.  The dinner bell will ring, drawing away Kenny’s family and Clementine.  Press the action button on the lock again, then on the screws holding the lock in place.  The unlocked door will reveal a slaughter room, covered in blood.  Andy will appear and make an excuse, then escort you into the house for dinner.

The House

Once in the house, Lee will make an excuse to wash his hands.  Instead of going to the bathroom, head up the stairs and walk to the door farthest from the stairs.  Open the door and aim the cursor at the power cord on the floor.  Press the action button for Lee to connect the power cords, which turns on a light behind the closet.  Now enter the bedroom door closest to the stairs and aim at the bookshelf, then press the action button to move it aside.  Open the door and find Mark lying on the floor in a pool of his own blood.  He will give you a terrifying warning.

Hurry down the stairs to stop Clementine from eating the human meat, this is a timed event.  A confrontation between you group and the St. John’s farmers.  In the end Lee is knocked out by Dan.

The Meat Locker

Lee comes to in a meat locker with Kenny, Clementine, Lily, and Larry.  After a look around Larry will collapse with another heart attack.  Lee is forced again to choose between Kenny and Lily, one way or the other, Larry ends up with a salt-lick replacing his head.  Again you’ll have the opportunity to talk to the people trapped in the meat locker.

To find a way out, aim the cursor at the air conditioning unit and press the action button.  Lee will comment how he needs something to unscrew the unit from its spot in the wall.  Talk to Lily who will give you permission to search her father’s dead body for coins.  The change will be in the left pocket, use it to unscrew the air conditioning unit from the wall

After removing the unit, Lee will have to send Clementine through the air duct to open the meat locker door.  After a tense moment she will be successful.  Kenny will rush out of the meat locker into the slaughter room, Lee will follow.

Before venturing out of the slaughter room you will have your between three weapons: a sickle, a meat hook, and a taser.  Talk to Kenny when you have made your choice and he will press on.


Once in the barn, sneak forward with Kenny. When Andy shows up Lee and Kenny will duck into a stall to hide. Talk to Kenny to form a plan, then peek out of the stall, talk to Kenny again, then peek out a second time to see Dan pointing a gun in your face.  Quickly aim at the gun and press the action button to protect yourself.  After a struggle, Dan will go down and you will have to decide whether or not to kill him.

After you follow Kenny outside, there will be a short cut scene.  Following that, head toward the house. Mama will hear you coming and ask who you are.  After you respond (or don’t) she’ll run back in the house and take Katjaa as a captive. Slowly inch your way toward Brenda and Katjaa (very slowly) and talk Brenda down the best you can.  After about three exchanges with Brenda she will be grabbed by a walker allowing Katjaa and Lee to escape.

The sounds of Duck and Kenny draw Lee outside where Andy has Kenny’s son hostage.  Lee intervenes and a quicktime sequence starts to disarm Andy.  Then you will have to do another one to avoid getting fried on the electric fence.  After another struggle Lee will gain the upper hand. Press the right or left button on the cursor wheel to pummel Andy with the corresponding fist.  Suddenly, Andy will flip Lee over and turn the tables. Press the action button quickly to return the favor, then complete a quicktime sequence to throw him against the electric fence.  Now you will have to choose whether to kill Andy or leave him to his fate.

Leaving the Farm

On the way back from the farm you’ll have a few discussions with relevant parties about previous actions.  The choices here have long term effects so be careful.

The group will stumble upon an abandoned car.  Slowly approach it and check for survivors.  Kenny will find a plethora of food in the trunk.  You will be faced with the choice of having to take the food or leave it.

In the final moments of the episode Lee will witness an eerie sight on the camera he found back at the bandit camp.

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