The Walking Dead — Episode Four: Around Every Corner Walkthrough

Streets of Savannah

Episode four starts in the seemingly sleepy town of Savannah.  Omid isn’t doing well and everyone is a little on edge.  You can choose to be charitable toward Omid and Christa or threaten them like Kenny.

A bell starts to ring in a nearby church, ruining the silence.  Lee glimpses the culprit at they scamper across the roof.  Then Clementine’s walkie-talkie will start acting up.  To top everything off a herd of walkers will attack your group.


The first action you’ll take is to save Kenny (though you might not want to).  Aim the cursor at the walker and shoot it in the head.  Meanwhile, Clementine will become trapped by Ben.  You can ask Ben to save her, but he’ll chicken out.  This part is a simple, point and shoot to take down as many walkers as you can.  Be careful about the walkers on your left, as they are the closest to you.  Don’t worry about Clem, as Chuck will be sure to save her, sacrificing himself in the process



Abandoned House

The group will run into a backyard of a house, but be stuck there as Kenny will have trouble getting inside. Walk to the door Kenny is trying to enter and look at the pet door.  Omid will explain that the pet door is radio controlled by the dog collar. You just need to find the dog. Walk to the dog house and look at it, then look at the grave.  Now walk toward the screen and then to the side of the shed where you can find a shovel.  (Do you get where this going?)  Walk back to the grave and use the shovel to dig up the dog.

After the dog is dug up, aim at the dog and press the action button to remove the collar.  Then bring the collar to the doggie door and press the action button. Lee will attempt to get in, after he fails Clementine will crawl through the pet door and open the main door for everyone.

After Christa finds a place for Omid to rest, she will want to talk about the radio.  Kenny will be dead set on moving on as fast as possible, but until the walker’s stop hunting you there’s not much of an argument for him.  In the meantime, the house will have to protect you.

Look around the house and talk to the characters you want to.  After you check all the doors, Lee will report back to Christa. Christa will bring up the man on the radio again, asking Clementine about it directly.  Before you can get any real answers, Ben will call for Lee.

Kenny went up to check out the attic and won’t come out.  Slowly ascend the ladder to enter the attic.  Up here you will find that Kenny has stumbled across a little boy who turned into a walker, right about Duck’s age, who starved to death.  You can either choose to deal with the walker yourself or have Kenny do it.  If you are shooting the walker, walk up to it and choose to either kill it with the wrench, your shoe, or a gun.

After killing the walker you will have to bury it next to the dog.  Walk to the grave by the dog house and press the action button over it.  Press the action button again while aiming at the shovel to pick it up, then press the action button while aiming at the dirt to fill in the grave.  You will have to do this a few times to finish the job.  While finishing the grave Lee will see someone watching him.  This will set Kenny on edge, who will demand you find a boat immediately.


Thus, you find yourself down down by the river, searching for a boat.  A church bell will ring again, drawing off the walkers.  The search for a boat is not good, as the Savannah docks are barren of any working ones.  Kenny will inspect a wrecked boat near the dock and ask you to search the waterfront.  Walk to the left to find the telescope which, Lee will note, requires a quarter to work.  In the background there are walkers impaled on spikes, walk toward them for Lee to notice.  Then walk to the right until you see a news stand.  Aim your cursor at the cash register only to find it empty.  Continue right until you see a newspaper machine.  Press the action button on it to try and open it.  Locked.  Don’t worry, now you can use your wrench to know some change loose.  Bring the change back to the telescope and use it to make the telescope work.

Kenny will tell you the boat is worthless, then comment about the walkers on the spikes.  Once Lee is looking through the telescope, look all the way to the far left and he will spot someone coming.  Lee and Kenny will form a plan to catch the scavenger as they rummage the newsstand.  Approach the scavenger slowly and when you get to the newsstand, press up on the analogue button to check behind it.  It appears the person is gone, but really they are just behind you.  The arrival of Clementine will stop the attacker who will introduce herself as Molly.  She will explain about a unnerving, ruthless, sec in Savannah named Crawford, the ones responsible for the walkers on the spikes..

Your conversation with Molly will be stopped short by attacking walkers.  Molly will help Clementine and Kenny to safety on a nearby fire escape, but you will be stuck in the alley.  Aim your cursor at the dumpster behind Lee and press the action button to move it.  More walkers will filter into the alley, making Lee’s only way out down through the sewer.  Aim the cursor at the sewer cover and press the action button to find it is stuck.  Molly will throw down her hook tool ot help you.  Aim the cursor at the tool and press the action button to grab it, then aim at the sewer to open the lid.  One quicktime sequence and you’ll escape down into the sewer.

The Sewers

Nothing to make you feel safe like a dark, dingy sewer.  Walk forward, away from the ladder, and down the stairs.  Then to the right and down the tunnel.  Lee will slip and slide out the end of the tunnel, but should be alright.  Go around the corner to the left and then another left, where you’ll see a handful of walkers having dinner.  There is a small passageway on the left side of this tunnel.  Enter the passage and aim at the wheel on your right.  Turn the wheel clockwise to get the water flowing.  Now you’ll have the option to remove the wheel.  Do so and exit the passage by taking left.  Use Molly’s tool to open the gate and get out of the passageway.  Now to get the water following aim at the back right of the tunnel to find a pipe.  Use the wheel and turn it clockwise to release the water in this pipe.  The walkers will be attracted to the water, so run back to hidden passageway to just came from.  Take a right in the passage and then a left.

The walkers that had filled this passage are gone.  However, you will discover that they were feasting on Chuck.  Lee will say goodbye, then take the old man’s empty gun. Now sneak up on the one remaining walker who is facing away from you.  While going in for the kill, a walker in the sewer grate below will grab Lee’s foot.  Use Molly’s tool to get the hands off of you, which will include a quicktime sequence, then kill the one walker at the end of the tunnel.  If you use a gun you will alert the walkers you just avoided, so you will have to move double time.

After dispatching the walkers, run up the stairs (left or right, doesn’t matter) at the end of the hall.  You will see a broken ladder and can try to reach it with Molly’s tool.  You will fail, but in doing so, reveal a hidden path.  Go down the path to escape the walkers.

The path will lead to a group of cancer survivors hiding out in the sewers avoiding the people of Crawford. They will threaten you when you enter.  Talk their leader, Vernon, down until you can aim your cursor at his gun and take it from him.  While talking to him, youcan either decide to be upfront and honest or tell some white lies.  After some talk, he will decide to accompany you back to the house.

Back at the House

Upon getting back to the house, Molly will take her tool back. Christa will tell you that Omid has gotten worse and ask Vernon for help.  Vernon will see to Omid, giving you a chance to find Clementine.

Head downstairs to find Clementine.  In the living room you’ll find Kenny and Ben.  Kenny is busy with a bottle of whiskey and Ben will make excuses if you ask him about Clementine.  After you talk to them head out into the back yard.  Head toward the shed and look at the door.  Then look at the fence and return toward the house.  A pounding will start behind the door.  To investigate, aim the cursor at the shed door and press the action button the find Clementine.  Even better, she has found a boat.  Even Kenny is impressed.

The time has come to talk about Omid, the boat, and the next move.  Kenny will tell the group that the boat needs a battery and gas.  It will become apparent that the only place to get the supplies is Crawford. You will have a couple options on how to form your plan, which will be discussed and questioned by the group. After the group is done talking, Clementine will tell you she wants to come with you, decide whether or not to bring her. Before you leave, Vernon will bring one of his people and question you if you decide to bring Clementine.


Crawford will be deathly quiet, and upon further investigation, overrun with walkers.  Sneak up on the first person you see and attack them to have Lee discover this.  The group will make a break for the school where they will change up the plan (and drop in the first of two Star Wars references).

After you leave Clementine with Ben, walk out the door, down the hall and to the right. Follow Molly out of the door to the alley, but hurry because she won’t wait for you.  Once, in the alley take a right, then take a left into the white shed.  Aim the cursor at the hole in the top of the she and “look” at it.  Then aim at the shelves and press the action button to have Lee climb up and hop over the fence.  Now walk down the alley way and back, inspecting the what you can.  On the way back Molly will toss down a walker and start wailing on it.  After she calms down, Lee will explain about how the garage door is jammed.  Molly will find a car jack to lift up the garage door and not a moment too soon, as walkers will break into the alley.  Button mash the action button to get the door open and sneak underneath it.



Once in the auto shop, check the semi-truck by opening the grill and looking for the battery.  Then look at the red car and Lee will comment that he needs to get to the hood of the car to check it for a battery.  Aim the cursor at the lift panel next to the office door and press the “look” button.  Then aim it at the hydraulic hose, to the lower right, and press the “look” button again.  Lee will comment that he needs a tool to disconnect it.  Walk to Molly and talk to her about borrowing her tool (and get your second Star Wars reference).  Then go back to the hydraulic hose and use the hook tool to puncture the hydraulic hose, lowering the car.  The car will crash into the ground, setting off the alarm and causing a lot of racket.  Aim at the screws connecting the terminals, then the terminals themselves to loose the battery, then aim at the battery itself to remove it.  Aim at the semi to follow Molly up, then aim at the skylight and use your gun. Molly will use her tool to get up, then aim at her hand, and press the action button to get up the roof.  Now you just have to jump across rooftops. Molly will lead by example.  Once it’s your turn, aim at her hand and press the action button to get across.

Upon returning to the school, Molly will ditch you on a personal errand.  While you return to the classroom you’ll find Kenny and Brie being chased by walkers.  To help Kenny keep the walkers out, button mash the action button, then aim the cursor at the walker jamming to door to shoot him.  Brie will comment about needing something to bar the door.  Aim at the hand axe on the floor and press the action button, then button mash the action button again to secure it.

After the excitement you can talk to the members of the group in the classroom.  When you’re done, head out the door and down the hall, like you did when you left out the alley, only this time take a left past the glass doors being assaulted by walkers.  You will find Christa and Vernon are stuck in the nurse’s office with a bunch of walkers pawing at the door.  Peek over the table and aim at the walkers to bring them down.  Remember to shoot them in the head.  Once they’re all dead Lee will enter the nurse’s office.

Nurse’s Office

Vernon and Christa have located the meds, but they are stuck in safe.  Aim at the file on the desk by the door and press the action button to find a DV tape. Then walk a camcorder that is across from the medical bed.  Put in the tape and watch the disturbing footage.

Time to return to the alley.  Backtrack and go out the door you followed Molly out of earlier.  Again go into the white shed, but this time watch out for a walker.  Execute the quicktime sequence and TV will drop on the walker’s head.  Then climb the shelves and hop into the alley. Aim at the crawling walker to curb stomp it.  Lee will search the body to find the tape, then return to the school.



Go back to the nurses office and pop the tape into the camcorder.  This time you’ll find the code to the safe.  Vernon will raid the safe for the meds and return to the classroom with Christa.  Lee will ask to stay behind.  Look around if you want, on the way back Molly will hop down and chat. While the two of you return, Ben will accidentally let the walkers into the school.

Once back in the classroom, Ben will confess his crimes to Kenny.  You can encourage or discourage this, but once Ben confesses people will want to leave him to die.  Make your choice, but after Brie gets eaten, its time to bug out.  The armory is dry, and the way out downstairs is being watched.  On the way back up Kenny will toss you a shot gun.  Use the left analogue stick to back up while shooting the walkers.  Eventually, Lee will get stuck in the stairs.  Aim the cursor at your leg to pull yourself free, but make sure to keep an eye on the walkers that are still coming for you.  After you pull yourself free, Lee will take out his axe to do the dirty work.  As you ascend the stairs, aim at the walkers in front of you, pressing the action button to take them out.



Once you are at the top, Vernon will spot a way out and everyone can escape.  However Ben will get grabbed by a walker.  Aim your cursor at the walker to shoot it, then you have to decide whether you let Ben live or die.

Once you get back, Vernon will tend to Omid who is the one ray of sunshine in the flaring tempers of the group.  Vernon will want to talk to you in private where he will ask to take Clementine.  React to him as you feel is best and he’ll leave.

After your talk with Vernon, Molly will tell you that she is leaving. Then it is time to talk to Clementine. She will ask about where you will go, then ask about Ben, and lastly, she will ask about her parents.  After you talk, Lee will take a nap, waking up to find that Clementine is gone.  Outside, you will find Clementine’s hat and walkie-talkie.  When you pick up the walkie, a walker will jump out at you.  After you kill it by stomping on its head, Lee will discover that he’s been bitten.

Kenny, Ben, Christa, and Omid will find you and you can choose to conceal the bite or reveal it.  Based on your decisions over the past four episodes, the four (or three) remaining group members will decide whether or not to help you look for Clementine.

You will return to where you first met Vernon, but he’s not here.  Suddenly, a voice will come over Clementine’s radio.  It’s Clementine and the man that took her.  He’ll make a final threat before the episode ends.

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