The Walking Dead — Episode 5: No Time Left Walkthrough


Episode five starts right where episode four left off, with Lee talking to whoever kidnapped Clementine.  After a brief chat where you can threaten or plead with this mysterious man, the remaining group members will note the walkers that are coming through the sewers.

Walk in between the island counter and sink, then press action button on the higher middle cabinet.  Inside in the cabinet is a rib spanner, press the action button to take it.  Now walk up the stairs to the left and to the elevator.  Use the rib spanner, which Lee will wedge in between the doors.  Then press the action button to start opening the elevator doors, only for Lee to pass out before the job can be completed.

Lee will come to with the group talking about cutting off his arm, actually they will be about to do so, but stop when they see Lee is awake. After some conversation, you will be asked if you want to keep your arm or have Christa cut it off (the latter choice gets nasty).

Once done, walk to the elevator. Inside the elevator shaft you will have to press up on the left analogue stick to climb up the ladder.  Halfway through your climb, a walker will fall down the shaft. You will have an opportunity to warn your group, but either way they’ll be fine.  If you kept your arm, you will pass out near the top of the ladder.  When you come to, aim at the ladder and press the action button to pull yourself up, then press up on the analogue stick to finish climbing up the ladder.

The Roof

Once on the roof, the group will form a plan to return to the house.  Walk over to the bell tower across from the hospital and take a gander at it.  The return past the door you entered the roof through, and you will find a ladder lying against a series of vents.  Press the action button to take the ladder, then aim at the bell tower and press the action button again.

If you are the one to go up to the bell tower, press the left analogue stick to slowly climb the ladder.  At the last second the ladder will go out from under you, so be ready to aim at the bell tower and press the action button to jump to safety.  Once on the bell tower,  aim at the rope and press the action button to pull the “old Molly trick”.  The walkers will head for the tower, giving you your cue to leave.  Aim at the ledge of the hospital and press the action button to jump. While in midair, press the action button, while aiming at the ledge, to catch yourself from falling.

Back at the House…Again

When you get back the boat is gone, courtesy of Vernon and company.  Back in safety, you will revisit the plan   Everyone will have different opinions.  If Ben is still alive, he and Kenny will exchange words here.  One way or the other, walkers will start come in a herd aiming for the house.

Once in the house, there will be some decisions to make about who does what job.  Omid will spot an open door and run to close it.  Before you can help him a walker will grab you through the doggie door.  Aim at him and press the action button four times when cued.  Finally you will escape.


Christa will tell you to grab a weapon from the kitchen.  Top counter drawer to the right has a cleaver.  Now it’s choppin’ time.  Lee will run to the door where you will have to chop off three arms and some fingers at the top of the door.  This is a timed event, so don’t dawdle.  Once the door is closed, walkers will break in through every other window and door.  Brie, the cancer patient that died in Crawford will be one of the first through.  Aim your cursor at her and press the action button.
Lee will then run to the top of the stairs.  Kenny is trying to move furniture but needs help, aim the cursor at the furniture and press the action button to help him. A couple quicktime sequences will be required to complete this.  Now your group will get ready to make their last stand.  As the walkers come around the corner, press the action button to shoot them in the head.  After everyone has spent their bullets it will become evident that the only escape is up.  Aim at the attic door and press the action button to open the ladder.  Everyone will scramble up the stairs to (relative) safety.

The Attic

Christa and Omid will have a lover’s quarrel interrupted by Clementine coming over the radio spurring a new conversation.  Things take a bad turn where Kenny will threaten Lee’s life.  Either Kenny or Lee will throw a bust at the wall revealing its frail state.  Slowly the group will chip away at the wall.  During this Lee will have the opportunity to have some conversations with the remaining members of the group.

After escaping the attic, the group comes across a couple who ended it for themselves.  A few words are exchanged, then focus turns to escaping the house.  Walk to the end of the room and press the action button while aiming at the door.  The door leads to a balcony, aim at the railing and press the action button to leap to the roof.  If Ben isn’t with you everyone will make it across, if Ben is with you they won’t.

If Ben is with you:

Kenny will run down to save Ben, but it will quickly become evident that Ben isn’t going anywhere.    Walkers will start coming and Kenny will save your life, sacrificing his.

When Lee returns to the roof, he will break down in front of Christa and Omid.  Depending upon your relationship Ben and Kenny you will have different dialogue options.

Christa will tell you that at this point you are the expendable one.  Keep that fun fact in mind as you cross a bridge three stories in the air by the forward on the left analogue stick.  Don’t worry it won’t go give out.

If Ben is dead:

You will get across the roof safely, having to use the left analogue stick to walk across a building-to-building bridge.  Soon after crossing Kenny will knock Clementine’s walkie-talkie out of Lee’s hands.  After a quick chat, Christa will take action and jump down to grab it.

In order to get Christa up, walk toward the brick wall and scaffolding, next to some wooden boards there is a lead pipe.  Lee will bring it over and try to lift Christa up. Execute the quicktime sequence, but no matter what Christa will fall back into the room.  Walkers will enter the room and Kenny will jump down to save Christa.  This time when you execute the quicktime sequence you will pull Christa up, but Kenny will be lost.


The final obstacle between Lee and the hotel is an old rickety, metal sign spanning the gap of two buildings. Lee will attempt to cross the sign first.  While crossing, slowly hold the left analogue stick to the left.  Don’t go too fast or the sign will give out and Lee will fall to his death.  If you go slow enough, the sign will hold until the last second, leaving Lee holding on to the busted remains that cling to the brick building.  Aim at the remains and press the action button to make sure Lee stays safe.

Lee will make a plan to meet up with Christa and Omid, then scale down the building to make a suicide run for Clementine.  Once on the street, if Lee has two arms he will pick up a glass shard, giving you a couple choices on how to kill walkers. If not, you will be limited to the cleaver.  Either way the strategy is the same, aim at the walkers, and press the action button.  Just keep aiming and cutting, soon Lee will get himself to safety.

Inside the Hotel
Walk down the hall and Lee will find the door on his own.  Press the action button to listen at the door first, then the action button again to open it.  Once inside, eye the door with the rope tied to the closet.  A noise will sound and Lee will confront Clementine’s kidnapper.

Lee and the kidnapper will exchange words, eventually finding themselves sitting across from each other. Quickly, it will come to light that this guy has been through a lot.  Just as quickly, it will become obvious he’s not playing with a full deck.

Once the kidnapper starts talking to his dead wife, Clementine will come out of her room.  Aim at the glass bottle on the desk and look at it to have her pick it up.  She will sneak up behind the kidnapper and hit him in the head, aim the cursor at him and press the action button.  Then press the action button again to attack with the cleaver or shard of glass.  The kidnapper will flip Lee over and you will have to execute a quicktime sequence to get him off you.  Once free, aim for the kidnapper and press the action button to stop him from getting the gun.

With the kidnapper up against the closet, press the action button to headbutt him.  Then you will have a quicktime sequence to try and strangle the kidnapper to death.  If you can’t pull it off, the kidnapper will break free of your grip and tackle you.  Perform the quicktime sequence to avoid being strangled to death, then brace yourself for Clementine to kill him.

After reuniting with Clementine, walk to the door and press the action button.  A walker will meet you at the door but won’t attack you.  Aim the cursor at him and press the action button to kill him.  Lee will come to a gruesome realization on how to escape.

Aim the cursor at the walker and press the action button to cut him open.  Do it again to pull out the walker’s guts.  Now aim the cursor at Clementine and press the action button to smear the guts on her. She will turn around and now you will have to repeat the action, then one more time just, “To be sure.”

To make her feel better, Lee will give Clem back her hat.  Then he will tell her to stay calm as the venture into the walkers.

The Garage

Once outside the hotel, keep walking forward and try to avoid the walkers best as possible.  Clementine will stop when she sees her undead parents.  Right after that Lee will pass out.

Lee will come to with Clementine trying to revive him.  You can will try to get Clementine out, but no matter how hard to mash the action button in the quicktime sequence, the garage door won’t open.  Lee’s condition is getting worse and Clementine needs to get out before he becomes a walker.  Lee will try to walk a bit, use the analogue stick to guide him, but soon he will fall over.  You will be given a couple quicktime sequences, but there’s no way to complete them.  Lee is down for the count.

Now it is time to try and save Clementine.  Aim at the door and press the action button, Clem will try to escape but she can’t break the glass.  To the far left of Lee’s vision is a baseball bat, press the action button to have Clementine pick it up, then press the action button while aiming at the window to have Clementine bust it open.  AIm at the chair and press the action button to have Clementine move it in front of the door to have Clementine open the lock. Then have her open the door.

The walker is trapped in his chair. Aim at him and press the “look” button  to have Lee see the keys and gun.  On the floor are some handcuffs.  The cutscene will make you think to cuff Lee to the radiator, but instead have Clementine use them on the stuck cop to ensure he stays in one place.  Then tell Clementine to go for the keys.  The walker will tear his hard from the cuffs and go after Clementine.  Aim at the pedestal with the glass vase and press the action button to have Clementine topple it over.  Unfortunately, it will topple onto Lee.  Time for Plan B.  The baseball bat is at Lee’s feet, aim at it and press the action button to get it to Clementine. She will use it  to kill the walker, then she will collect the keys and the gun.  Now, say your goodbye to Clementine and decide if you want her to shoot you or escape.

Stay till after the credits for a teaser of Season Two.

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