The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim — Dragonborn Walkthrough (The Final Descent)

The Final Descent

In the Raven Rock Mine you will find two people arguing, they are Crescius Caerellius and Aphia Velothi.  If you talk to Crescius he will give you the quest and talk about how the mine became tainted by the East Empire Trading Company.  Ask for further proof and he will talk about it, he will tell you to find Gration Caerollius’ journal.

Head down the ladder and into the mines.  Eventually you will reach a series of spiderwebs and a few frostbite spiders.  Continue downwards and you will find the way is barred by wooden planks. Chop through them and unlock the door to go deeper in the mines.

Walk down the wooden ramp.  In this room a handful of draugr will attack you.  Kill them and watch out for the spike door trap as your exit the room.  Head up the stone stairs and hang a left.  A torch lights this room and as you enter the room a draugr will attack you. Then, as you are leaving, draugr will come out of the woodwork, surrounding you.  Kill them and go through the iron doors.

Weave your way through the tunnel and you will approach an empty, circular room.  This room will contain three soul gems set up in a triangle.  Do not step in between two of this soul gems or they will fry you with a lightning trap.  Instead, take the soul gems from their pedestals to disarm the traps.

Descend into the water and open the iron doors.  You will see a draugr deathlord on the high bridge in this room, there are actually two.  One has a bow, the other has a sword, and they are supported by a draugr scourge.  After you dispatch the deathlord with the sword, head up the stairs and kill the other two.  Then you will enter a room with a throne, enchanter’s table, and a handle  Active the handle to open the portcullis’ on the opposite end of the room.

After going through the newly opened door the passage will split.  One will lead to a spell tome for Ice Spike surrounded by candles.  The other will lead to a wooden ramp.  At the top of the ramp is a wooden plank bridge with another soul gem that will fire lightning bolts at you.  Rush to the soul gem and pick it up to stop it from shooting.  Then follow the path to a room with a poison arrow trap.  Sneak around the trap and open the iron door.

The iron door contains a chest with some gold.  Then head back down the stairs and take a right into an opened tomb that leads to a passage.  Follow the passage into a large, open room.  At the end of the room, up some stone stairs is the body of Gration Carellius.  Take the journal and you will get the new objective to escape Escape Bloodskal Barrow.

After getting the Bloodskal blade, arm yourself with it and aim at the red markings to the left and right at the door.  Hold the analogue sticks left or right and do a power move to shoot a red light from the sword at the red markings.  When the light hits the markings the stones around the door will start to move.  Continue to shooting the red light from your sword at the bright markings on the left and right side until they meet in the middle and the door will open.

After the door is open, weave your way through the swinging blade traps and active the switch at the end of the room to open the portcullis.  Go through the open door and enter an open room with a chest in the middle surrounded by water.  In this room is a high seeker and a dragon priest named Zahkriisos.  Zahkriisos has a powerful lighting spell that can drain your health in a hurry, so try to stay behind cover and pin him up against a wall to wail on him.  After a couple hits, Zahkriisos will fall pretty fast.

In the back of the room is a Dragon Shout called Wyrm.  After you get the word, head back to the west corner of the room where you will find a chamber with a black book.  The book will start a new quest that will be covered next.  You can start that quest if you want, or read the book return to the pedestal you took the book from.  Head up the wooden steps and go through the door to Bloodskal Barrow.

Follow the tunnel and activate the chain   The door leads to a Reaver hideout.  Take out the leader and then the two archers in the next room.  Then follow the path out of Bloodskal Barrow.

It will open into the a Reaver fort with only a couple guards.  Do away with them and return to Raven Rock to speak with Crescius Caerellius.  He is no longer in the mines, he is in his house near the docks.  Once you find Crescius you can give him the journal. He will thank you and reward you with with 750 gold.

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