The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim — Dragonborn Walkthrough (The Chief of Thrisk Mead Hall)

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim — Dragonborn Walkthrough (The Chief of Thrisk Mead Hall)

You will gain this quest by walking past a small gathering of Rieklings outside of Thrisk Mead Hall which located just east of the Beast Stone.  One of the Rieklings will tell you to follow him to speak to their chief, who is seated on the throne of Thrisk Mead Hall.  The chief will ask for your assistance in bringing Bilgemuck some meat.

Give Meat to Bilgemuck

Bilgemuck is located on a mountain in between Thrisk Mead Hall and the Skaal Village.  Slay a wild animal and take its meat, then seek out Bilgemuck, who is a bristleback (a boar-like creature). Be careful as wild bristlebacks will attack you and if you start wildly attacking you might kill Bilgemuck and fail the mission.  To avoid any unpleasantness, approach Bilgemuck slowly and talk to him to bring up an option allowing you to offer meat to the boar.  After taking the meat, Bilgemuck will follow you.  Lead him back to Thrisk Mead Hall and speak with the chief.

Bring 10 Scathecraw to the Chief

After thanking you, the chief will ask for your assistance in another matter.  He is hard to understand, but he is asking for redgrass, more commonly known as Scathecraw.  The best place to harvest this red plant is north of Tel Mithryn, the mushroom city.

In the ashy desert, search by water sources and you should be able to find ten of these plants quickly.  Ash spawn and flame spiders are the only enemies around this area.  Return the 10 Scathecraw to the Chief and he will thank you, after which he will have another favor to ask of you.  Apparently Nords who used to live in the Hall have been attacking the Rieklings and they want your strength to end the threat.

Join the Assault

If you pick the, “I don’t know…” dialogue option the objective will stall until you join their cause.  So, unless it is purely against your character, join up with the chief and follow him out of the hall.    The chief will speak with his people and then a new objective will appear for you.

Head to the Nord camp with the Rieklings.  If you want to get the drop on them, follow the marker directly and scale your way down the mountain, dropping down in the middle of the camp, and taking the Nords completely unawares.

There’s not much of a fight here.  The seven Nords are dispatched pretty quickly depending upon the level of your character.  There is one magic user who might cause you some trouble, but the others are pretty common rabble.

After you kill the Nords go and speak to the chief.  He will begin to worry about your strength and threaten to kill you.  Again, no matter what you pick, the chief will attack you, charging in blind at you. Use his bull rush against him and slay the Riekling leader to complete the quest.

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