The Amazing Spider-Man: Costume Locations

The Amazing Spider-Man is arguably the best spider man game since Spider-Man 2 on the PS2. In this game there are a number of collectables, including scattered comic book pages that let you unlock REAL Spider-Man comics to read in the extras menu. In this open world Manhattan there are also a number of spider symbols painted onto different surfaces which, when photographed, unlock costumes that Spider-Man can wear. All of the costumes are accessible from Peter’s apartment. For some reason, most of the costumes can only be found after December 31, 2012. I don’t know about you, but I’m not waiting that long. Just set your playstation clock to January 1, 2013 and make sure you play offline when you do. (included is a map of all locations)

Original suit (No belt): This suit is automatically unlocked once you have access to Spider-Mans wardrobe

Big Time: In Times Square, there is a large red staircase with a glass frame. Go to the back of the stairs and the first symbol is right there on the glass.

Black Suit (Spider-Man 3):There is a small park to the left of the Oscorp building. In the park, there is a gazebo. The spider symbol is under the gazebo.

 Future Foundation: When facing the North Bridge, there is a gas station a little to the right. There is an alley behind the gas station and the spider symbol is painted onto a wall.

Negative Zone: On top of the Beenox building, there is a ventilation shaft. The spider symbol is somewhere near there.

Scarlet Spider: In the middle of Central Park, there is a large fountain. if you go directly north of here, you will find a bridge overpass with cars below the bridge. The spider symbol is painted on the side of the bridge.

New Black Suit: Get 100% completion of the game (complete all main story missions, car chases, photo opportunities, beat up missions, infected civilians, mental patients, and collect all 700 comic book pages)

Cross Species: Complete all story missions on any difficulty.

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