Sleeping Dogs-Jade Statue Locations

If you are familiar with Sleeping Dogs, you know that there are jade statues scattered through out Hong Kong which, when found and returned to your old sensei, enable you to learn new fighting techniques and moves. In order to begin this lost-and-found game, there is a side-mission you must first complete named “Amanda”. I wont go into details about the mission because i don’t want to spoil a great game any more than necessary. There is a total of 11 missing jade statues you must find to become the ultimate killing machine. (There is a way to get all of these marked on your map by dating a Club Bam Bam waitress, Tiffany.)

Jade Statue #1: This statue is found in the temple. You can find it easily by playing the mission “Bride to Be”. The statue is sitting right on the central alter where your mission objective is.

Jade Statue  #2 :  This statue can be picked up anytime. It is inside Club Bam Bam on a left side counter in the VIP lounge.

Jade Statue  #3:  This statue is in the Golden Koi sitting on the back room counter.

Jade Statue  #4: This one is located on the Waterfront in the area during a police case while observing Popstar. It is fairly easy to find if you just look around.

Jade Statue  #5: This statue can only be found during the “Conflicted Loyalties” mission when inside Vivienne Wu’s apartment. It is sitting on a table by the window.

Jade Statue #6:  Found in the K-Bar club on a bar counter.

Jade Statue #7: This statue can only be found during the “Bad Luck” mission in Two-Chins mansion. It is behind a display case which you must lock pick.

Jade Statue #8:  Found in the Central hospital on the left-side of the waiting room on a counter.

Jade Statue #9:  This Statue is found in a bridal shop. During the mission “Bride to Be”, when you leave the bridal shop, hop back out of the car and run in and grab the statue.

Jade Statue #10:  Found in the Hong Kong Cemetery. Its sitting in the main entrance building on a couch (weird place for a priceless piece of decor, right?)

Jade Statue #11: Once you discover the Northern Gambling Den, the statue is inside the poker room next to a giant screen tv.

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