Skyrim: Dragonborn DLC – Achievement Guide

Dragonborn is the third instalment of The Elder Scroll Vs: Skyrim DLC, and perhaps Bethesda’s most ambitious yet! For an expansion, there is so much to explore here and hours of content. And with such a huge world to conquer, you may need some help with some of those achievements.






Arrive on Solstheim
The Temple of Miraak


Complete “The Temple of Miraak”
he Path of Knowledge


Complete “The Path of Knowledge”
At the Summit of Apocrypha


Complete “At the Summit of Apocrypha”
Dragon Aspect


Learn all 3 words of Dragon Aspect
Hidden Knowledge


Learn the secrets of 5 Black Books
Stalhrim Crafter


Craft an item out of Stalhrim


Tame and ride 5 dragons
Raven Rock Owner


Own a house in Raven Rock
Solstheim Explorer


Discover 30 locations on the island of Solstheim

Stalhrim Crafter

First of all, you will need to gain the Nordic Pickaxe. To obtain it, you must complete the quest for the Blacksmith in Raven Rock. Once you deliver the Pickaxe to the Blacksmith, he will let you keep it. You can now use it to mine for Stalhrim ore.

However, Stalhrim ore is not usable until you can forge it. Travel to Skaal Village, where an NPC will request you assistance in rescuing the local Blacksmith. Complete this quest, and you’ll be able to forge Stalhrim ore.

It can be found in large blocks of thick blue ice using your Nordic Axe. You can find this in Raven Rock Mine, the northface of the small island at the northeastern shore of Sothstheim, and northeast of Northshore Landing. Stalhrim can also be found in the dungeons and caves of Solstheim.

Next, simply craft the items the same way you would craft other weapons and armor. Find a Forge at a Blacksmith and use it. If your Blacksmith skill is high enough, a new menu will become accessible for Stahlrim weapons. Once you have crafted a Stahlrim weapon or piece of armor, this achievement will unlock.

Hidden Knowledge (Book Locations)

Waking Dreams: You will find this book in Main story of the DLC.

Epistolary Acumen: You will find this book in Main story of the DLC.

Filament and Filigre: Kolbjorn Barrow (end of Unearthed sidequest)

The Hidden Twilight: Tel Mithryn (after finishing several sidequests for Neloth, he’ll unlock the room containing the book)

The Sallow Regent: White Ridge Barrow

The Winds of Change: Raven Rock Mine

Untold Legends: Benkongerike

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