Salvador Gunzerker Head Locations – Borderlands 2

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If at some point during your exploration of Pandora you feel the urge to change the look of your vault hunter, then hunting down all of the possible heads for your character might benefit you. Killing certain enemies, exploring hidden places, and defeating bosses are all ways to acquire these different heads.

Salvador the Gunzerker probably has the least interesting available heads, other than a select couple. Boatmurderer is a pretty sweet head that is a rare drop from Terramorphous, and Vault Veteran Sledgehammer is a head that you can get by having save data from the original Borderlands. Check out the table below and let us know in the comments which of Salvador’s heads you like best.

Head Name Location
Salvador Default Head
Gearhead Default Head
Tree Puncher Drop – Creepers in Caustic Caverns
Boatmurderer Drop – Terramorphous
A Sense of Dread Mission – Symbiosis
Marshall Mustache Drop – Geary
Rasta-nefarious Drop – Henry
 Bowler Badass Mission – In Memoriam
The Baron  Drop – BNK3R
Handsome Jack’s Mask Drop – Handsome Jack
Breaking Bald Default – Default Head
Vault Veteran: Sledgehammer Other – Completed Borderlands 1
Special Edition:Private Eyes Collector’s – Collector’s Edition
Superduperfly Drop – Vermivorous
 Top Card Challenge – Pay the Bills
Wizened Warrior Drop – Badass Enemies
Pistola  Mission – Statusque
Not-So-Jolly-Roger (Pirate Head) Buy Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate’s Booty DLC


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