Persona 4 Golden Tower Social Link Guide

The Tower Social Link in Persona 4: Golden is tied to another part time job you can undertake: just like the other you’ll need to read the Board in the northern part of the Shopping District to undertake it. You’ll also need to have a certain of understanding before being able to start the Tutoring Job. Main character of the Tower Social Link is Shu Nakajima, a student with some pressure on him coming from his parents. Once mastered you’ll be able to fuse Shiva, the strongest persona of the Tower Arcana.  The Tower Social Link will be available starting 5/25 on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, after school.

  • Prologue

N: If I think you’re inadequate I’ll have you replaced immediately. Remember that.
Nice to meet you
Don’t worry about me
Wow, you’re a little prick

You feel confident that you should teach him:
Physical Education

  • Rank 1

N: … If I get into a good college… Am I really “set”?
Of course
I don’t know
I don’t think so

N: … Do you know what that means?
Sure I do (*)
No, what?

N: Huh…Time’s already up. We were still in the middle of that last question…
Wait until next time
I’ll stay and help you. (*, needs Diligence Rank 5)

  • Rank 2

N: What do you think of your school?
It’s fun
It’s strict
It’s boring (*)

N: ……
I’m a transfer student, too
Well, it is the countryside (*)
Make friends with him

  • Rank 3

N: …They don’t get what it means to learn at all
That’s just how it is (*)
That’s not true

N: That place…
It’s the law
You don’t have to go
You’re not the only one! (*)

  • Rank 4

N: Is there any bullying at your school?
Yes, there is
No, there isn’t (*)
Not that I know of…

N: Maybe that’s not the same thing as bullying
Just ignore them
Put some effort into it
Leave it to me (*)

N: It seems that I’ve been talking to you about things that really aren’t relevant to my studies…
It’s not like you
I don’t mind (*)

  • Rank 5

N: -sigh-
Were they a pain in the ass?
Didn’t you join in?

N: … They’re all stupid
You’re just at that age
That’s not true

N: Um… you only come here because you’re being paid to, right?
Of course
That’s just one reason
That’s not it (*)

  • Rank 6

N: … it’d be great if I was born a genius
Well… it depends on your hard work
You’re already a genius
Give up

N: … talk with me for a bit
Speaking about that… at the school
About the incidents happening in this town…
What’s your favorite type of girls? (*)

  • Rank 7

N: Have you ever seen someone like that?
Maybe no
There’s one here (*)

N: … accompanying with that dream, it’s approaching me bit by bit
You must be tired
You must be haunted

Shuu looks like being in a deep thought…
Ask what he is worrying about
Encourage him (*)
Do nothing

  • Rank 8

N: Today… is my birthday, though I forgot…
Happy birthday
Don’t forget this

Shuu looks lonely…
Let’s have a big celebration
Let’s have a small celebration

First thing…

Shuu is crying out loud…
Soothe him
Wait for him to calm down

Shuu started to cry again
Comfort him
Explain to him nicely
Yell at him strictly

  • Rank 9

N: Thank you for recognizing… “me.” I wouldn’t have been able to talk to Mom if you hadn’t.
I’m proud of you.
No, it’s all you. (*)


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