Persona 4: Golden Temperance Social Link Guide

The Temperance Social Link in Persona 4: Golden revolves around one of the part time jobs you can do after coming back home. To do the baby sitting job you’ll first have to read the board in the northern section of the shopping district and have a rank of at least 3 in Understanding. Once you do, you’ll have to take the bus at the beginning of the shopping district. After the second day at work, you’ll initiate the Temperance Social Link, starring the young mother Eri Minami. Once mastered, you’ll be able to fuse Vishnu, the strongest persona of the Temperance Arcana.

  • Prologue

M: I’ve been sitting here all this time…
Is something on your mind?
Are you feeling sick?

M: My husband is away, so… Heh… It’s just the two of us, alone together in a dark house.
That sounds tough.
Yuuta’s a good kid.
Just give it some time.

  • Rank 1

M: … Sensei… do you like kids?
No any preference
No, I have a hard time with them (*)

M: Well… about that boy… not that I don’t like him…
Like him?
Having a hard time?

  • Rank 2

M: I guess he wants to see his father.
I don’t know

M: [sigh] He’s so inconsiderate…
Do you love Yuuta?
Do you love your husband?

  • Rank 3

M: I should have known better than to try. We’re not related, so there’s nothing I can do about it…
So, Yuuta can’t love you?
So, you can’t love Yuuta?

M: Doesn’t that make you feel better? Isn’t that a wonderful idea?
You’re right… (*)
It’s a boring idea
It’s not a good idea

M: Honestly, though… I just want to go back to the city.
Why don’t you go back?
Why don’t you take Yuuta?
Just let it go (*)

M: Please, don’t tell Yuu-kun… Or the other mothers.
I won’t
Why would I?

  • Rank 4

Yuuta: …Is she mad at me?
She’s angry
She’s no angry
Just apologize, Yuuta

Yuuta: ……
She’s doesn’t hate you (*)
Just give it time
Be a better kid, then

  • Rank 5

Yuuta: …I’ve never seen Phoenix Ranger Featherman R.
Why not?
You should watch it

Yuuta: …She’s always watching TV
She won’t let you watch it?
Have you asked to watch it?

M: -huff- -huff- I’m sorry I’m late
No problem
Yuuta was lonely
Apologize to Yuuta, not me

M: I don’t know what a child wants…
Featherman R. (*)
A loving mother

  • Rank 6

Yuuta: You told her I liked Phoenix Ranger Featherman R, huh?
I might have
I didn’t
Tell who?

Yuuta: I-In return for her gift!?
Anything would
Just be a good boy
Think of it yourself

M: I wonder if he’s afraid of me
He’s not afraid of you
You’re both afraid (*)

M: He must hate the fact that I’m here
You can’t help that
That’s not true (*)

  • Rank 7

M: If only… If only he was a more studious child…
It’s not his fault.
Grades aren’t a factor.
It’s your own fault.

  • Rank 8

M: I’m sorry about the other day. Were you hurt?
I’m fine. (*)
I’m not that weak.

Yuuta: …sor…ry…
Don’t sweat it.
I can’t hear you.
Hitting is bad, okay?

M: He’s actually a sweet boy…
Yeah, he is. (*)
You’re a doting parent now.

M: What took me so long, huh?
It’s never too late. (*)

  • Rank 9

M: So, today’s the last day he’ll be here. When Yuuta’s done with school, we’ll spend time together at the house.
It’s for the best.
I’ll be lonely here.


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