Persona 4 Golden Sun Social Link (Music Club) Guide

The Sun Social Link in Persona 4 Golden involves joining one of the two culture clubs: just like the Strenght Social Link you’ll be able to choose between two different clubs, the music or drama club. In this guide we’ll cover the Music Club, starring Ayane Matsunaga. You’ll be able to join one of the clubs after 4/25: the culture clubs met on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, except for exams periods. Once mastered you’ll be able to fuse the strongest Persona of the Sun Arcana, Asura-Ou.

  • Rank 1

M: I wish I had as much talent as you.
Effort is what matters
You do have talent (*)
Maybe you should give up

Cleaning up here with one person looks like some serious work…
Just watch

  • Rank 2

M: I’ll stay later and practice
You want me to help
Forget about it today (*)

M: … even though, I’m not going
You don’t want to go?
They won’t let you go?

M: There are many other things I can do
That’s a great attitude(*)
Is that what you want?

  • Rank 3

M: I’m worried… the place that drew attention… I am still not able to get a hold of it
What if you practice at home
What if we continue tomorrow?
What if you give up?

M: It’s good to practice outside, but I feel shy doing it by myself…
What do you mean by “outside”?
Wanna do it together?
Okay, come along!(*)

M: But… wouldn’t I interfere with senpai’s practice?
That’s true
That’s not true(*)
Well… you have to show more perseverance

  • Rank 4

While other members are leaving, Ayane is occupied with something…
Talk to her
Let her be

M: I definitely can’t do this… can’t do this…
That’s OK, you can do it!(*)
If not who else can?
It’s fine to say I lost

  • Rank 5

No choices, rank up is automatic

  • Rank 6

Other members are quiet…
Recommend Ayane(Increases Expression)
Keep quiet

Ayane is sobbing…
Encourage her(Increases Expression)
Pat her head
Give her a hug(*)

  • Rank 7

What to do…
Express your love here (*, this answer will initiate a Lovers relationship)
Stop talking

  • Rank 8

No choices here, ranking up is automatic

  • Rank 9

No choices here as well, you’ll obtain the Handmade ticket key item, unlocking the final Sun arcana persona.

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