Persona 4 Golden Sun Social Link (Drama Club) Guide

The Drama Club is the other culture club choice available for the Sun Social Link in Persona 4 Golden. Just like the Music Club, you’ll be able to join the club after 4/25. The Drama Club’s main character is Yumi Ozawa: club meeting days will be different from the music club ones. You can attend practice on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays by going to the club’s room or by talking with Yumi in the meeting room. After mastering the Sun Social Link, Asura-On will be available for fusion.

  • Rank 1

O: The way the air is pushed out…yes, “Oh”

O: Well then, I will continue this next time. You be sure to come back again okay.
You got it
Yes, senpai
I quit

  • Rank 2

If I remember correctly…
It was misleading to me…
I was upset(correct)…
I was worried…

The following is certain…
No light of the moon…(*)
No light of the stars…
No light in the sea…

O: …However, because I seriously want do this, I have to try my best.
It will be a great effort
There isn’t any motivation

  • Rank 3

O: Umm, what about practice…
You should go quickly
Want to go together?

O: How long have been here? Did you hear all that?
I heard
What do you mean?

O: It may be because of the confusion as to why I shake with anger.
Encourage her
Remain silent

  • Rank 4

O: Was I saying the wrong thing?
You did
You didn’t
The way you spoke was not good(*)

O: …At home isn’t that good
What’s up?
Worried about the family
I’ll go with you (*)

O: …Will you forget it?
It won’t be forgotten(*)

  • Rank 5

O: MC-Kun…Why…
I was worried about you
I was just passing by (*)
Have an injury

O: It’s impossible to me, I am like an idiot…
It must be hard
Such a way of speaking is useless to a parent
You should support your mother

O: Entirely, the parents. The parents are an intrusion…
It can’t be helped
Don’t behave like a spoiled child
It’s important you help her take care of her health (*)

O: MC-Kun, you have nothing to do with this…
Yes I do (*)
Certainly not

  • Rank 6

O: Now, father…his hospital room, this has been…
Has she been taking care of him?
How is your mother? (*)

O: …Why is it only me like this, I know that to each other…
It’s just bad luck
You’re bad
You’re not the only one

  • Rank 7

O: It’s foolish, I know.
You have a good father
You have a loving father (*)
You have a foolish father

  • Rank 8

O: Something…mixed up, I just don’t understand…
Encourage her kindly (*)
Cry with her
Remain silent

  • Rank 9

Oyane isn’t doing good…
What’s wrong?
It’s ended already
Watch silently

Oyane seems to be enduring the tragedy…
Kindly say her name
Hug her
Don’t do anything

O: What I am good at…What is it?
Think about it slowly
Your enthusiasm is good
Go with what you can do (*)

  • Rank 10

O: I am going to look forward, if you refuse, it will end like this…
Hug her (This answer will initiate a Lovers Relationship)

O: I imagined this would be sort of embarrassing.
Is it?
Imagined what?
There’s still more after this

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