Persona 4 Golden Strength Social Link (Football Club) Guide

The Strength and Sun Social Links are the most unique in the game, featuring two different sets of events with only one set available for playthrough. With other bonuses available for your second playthrough, this ends up making your second venture in the world of Persona 4 Golden a slightly different experience. We already covered the Basketball club events for the Strength Social Link so we’re going to focus on the Soccer Club events, starring Daisuke Nagase and the football club. To initiate the Strength Link you’ll have to join the club after 4/19 and to rank up the Social Link you’ll need to attending training, which is available on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, except for rainy days and exams periods. After mastered, you’ll be able to fuse the strongest persona of the Strength arcana, Zaou Gongen, same as the Basketball Club.

  • Rank 1

Soccer Player: Hey “Main Character”. Tear down the goals and clean up
before you leave, alright?
Got it (This answer improves Understanding)

Daisuke: Still, it went pretty fast with three people.
Thanks for the help (*)
I didn’t ask you to do it

  • Rank 2

No choices in here, ranking up is automatic

  • Rank 3

Daisuke: Whatever…Girls are a pain in the ass, right, Main Character?
Right on (*)
That’s not true
Quit showing off

  • Rank 4

Kou is also beaming like it’s all thanks to him
Thanks guys
I’m just getting warmed up (*)

  • Rank 5

Kou: I have to do some family stuff today, though. Would next time be okay?
No problem (This is the best answer if the second one isn’t available)
Anything for you guys (*, needs Understanding Rank 4)
Long as it’s not a hassle

  • Rank 6

Daisuke: I have to do the class record today so I don’t want to wait for me.
If you say so
It’s okay, I’ll wait

Kou: Tell you what, we’ll talk over mapo rice. My treat!
Sounds good (*)
You treated last time

Kou: You think it could be related…?
Could be (*)
Maybe not
What are we talking about?

Kou: What do you think?
We’ve got a problem (*)
It’s Daisuke’s problem

Kou is looking at you expectantly…
Count me in (*)
Count me out

  • Rank 7

Their quarrel starts to escalate…
Stop them (*)
Stay quiet and watch
Provoke them

Daisuke: You got that!? It’s MY life! you guys have nothing to do with it.
Yes we do

Kou: You can be pretty sincere when you want to, Daisuke.
That’s his charm (*)
You think?

  • Rank 8

I wonder if she’s as stuck in the past as I am…
Could be (*)
Doubt it
I don’t know (*)

  • Rank 9

No choices available, ranking up is automatic.

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