Persona 4 Golden Strength Social Link (Basketball Club) Guide

The Strength Social Link actually stars two different characters and you’ll live through two different events depending on wheter you choose the Soccer Club or the Basketball Club. If you choose the latter the link will star Kou Ichijo, with Daisuke Nagase playing a supportive role; if choosing the Soccer club it’ll be Kou playing a supportive role, with Daisuke being in the spotlight. To witness both Social Links you’ll have to play the game at least twice since you can only choose one club for playthrough. You’ll be able to join a sports club after 4/19, quite early in the game: club meetings are every non rainy Tuesdays, Thurdays and Saturdays. Once mastered you’ll be able to fuse the strongest persona of the Strength Arcana, Zaou Gongen. In this guide we’ll cover the Basketball Club Social Link, starring Kou Ichijo


  • Rank 1

K: Which one is better?
Aiya (*)

K: I love sweet food

I’m jealous (*)
Aren’t you not happy?
No, don’t bother

K: MC, do you like sweet food? Want some?
I’d love to have some (*)
No thanks


  • Rank 2

Daisuke: I’d like you to help him out
What do you mean?
If there is anything I can do (*)

Daisuke: I was told “that’s barbarian”
That’s too much
It’s just sport
I know how you feel (*)

Daisuke: So… I want you to help him out
Easier said than done…
Leave it to me (*)
What can I do?


  • Rank 3

K: Recently I was just hanging out in different social settings. What happened to me?
Can’t get that
Surprisingly I understand (*)

Kou’s speech has lightened a bit
That’s nice (*)
Cheer up


  • Rank 4

K: Hey. Practive over already?
It’s been over for hours
You’ve got some nerve… (*)
Something wrong

K: But me, I’m feeling like I’ve suck to the bottom of the ocean
Get a grip, man
You just need a rest
Let’s go do something fun (*)


  • Rank 5

Daisuke: Hey, MC, what’s his problem? Is he sick or something?
You could say that…
It’s something else

Daisuke: Right?
You’re right (*)
A real game? Impossible
We gotta save Kou

Daisuke: I got some dirt on a bunch of the other guys too, so we should have no problem getting together a full team.
You’re quite a strategist
Isn’t that blackmail?
What about yourself? (*)


  • Rank 6

K: …Should I just leave?
You’re thinking too much
Did they say anything?

K: Yeah, the orphanage
What for?
Planning to run away?

K: I was thinking maybe I’d ask about my real parents
And once you know?
You going to meet them?
I’ll go with you


  • Rank 7

Daisuke: I’m kinda worried…
About what?
Let’s catch up to him (*)

K: What are you two doing here?
You alright? (*)
Find anything out?

K: I have no one
That’s not true
What do you mean?


  • Rank 8

K: And now that I don’t have to wear that mask anymore… I guess it’s time to step off the stage.
You’re going to leave?
What do you mean?
Don’t jump to conclusions (*)

K: …What do you think?
It was stored well?
The letter was swapped?
It was written recently? (*)

K: How ’bout you? Wanna go for a dip?
No way
I better get home


  • Rank 9

K: From now on, I’ll seriously deal with my studying and accomplishment
Too much a stretch
You can do it

Daisuke: Oh, this thing, I don’t think I need to keep this anymore
Give it back to Kou
Receive it



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