Persona 4 Golden Star And Judgment Social Link Guide

The Star Social Link in Persona 4 Golden stars Teddie, the first creature you’ll meet inside the Tv World: in the first parts of the game he’ll act as your support, keeping track of your surroundings and the uncovered weakness and resistances of encountered enemies. However is usefulness as support is pretty limited and thankfully he’s going to be replaced by Rise. On 6/24 the Star Social Link will be automatically initiated when Teddy obtains his persona Kintoki douji. Being a Social Link starring one of your party members, leveling up the link will have other beneficial effects in battle: at rank 1 he’ll take lethal attacks in your place; at rank 3 Teddie will perform a follow up attack, dealing Almighty damage with a chance to inflict dizzy status ailment; at rank 5 Teddie will help any party members if they’re downed; at rank 7 Teddie will cure any status ailment for any party member; at rank 9 Teddie will endure a critical attack; at rank 10 Teddie’s persona will evolve. You don’t have to worry about making time to improve the Star Social Link since it’s going to rank up automatically after certain events. After being maxed, you’ll be able to fuse the strongest persona of the Star arcana, Helel.

  • Rank 1

Automatically ranks up on 6/24

  • Rank 2

Automatically ranks up on 7/26

  • Rank 3

Automatically ranks up after defeating the shadow of Mitsuo

  • Rank 4

Automatically ranks up on 9/8

  • Rank 5

Automatically ranks up on 10/7

  • Rank 6

Automatically ranks up on 10/11

  • Rank 7

Automatically ranks up after rescuing Nanako

  • Rank 8

Automatically ranks up on 12/5

Judgement Social Link

You may be able to completely miss the Judgment Social Link if you make the wrong choices during a certain event: the link can only be initiated if you avoid the bad ending. You can still watch it and revert to an older save since unlike Persona 3, Persona 4 bad ending has a separate ending movie. The point where you’ll have to make the right choices is on 12/3, after the test. Choose the following answers during the conversation:

  • Wait a second hereā€¦
  • We’re missing something.
  • ___’s true feelings.
  • Something’s been bothering me.
  • We’re missing something.
  • Calm the hell down!

Once the bad ending has been averted, you’ll initiate the Judgment Social Link automatically. No need to worry about ranking it up to the maximum, it’s even based and you’ll master it for sure. Once you do, you’ll be able to fuse the strongest persona of the Judgment arcana, Lucifer.

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