Persona 4 Golden Moon Social Link Guide

The Moon Social Link in Persona 4 Golden stars the spoiled student Ai Ebihara: you’ll first meet her while leveling up the Strength Social Link since she’ll be assigned as the club manager as punishment for bad school behavior during the Rank Up Event for rank 4. However, on your first playthrough, it may take a while before being able to initiate the Social Link: you’ll need to improve your Courage to rank 3 before being able to skip classes with her. You’ll find her near the school’s entrance on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, except for rainy days and close to exams. Once mastered, you’ll be able to fuse the strongest persona of the Moon arcana, Sandalphone. Being a girl, you’ll be able to initiate a romantic relationship with Ai by giving her certain answers during Rank Up Events.

  • Prologue

E: Hey, wanna skip the afternoon classes? We can sneak back before the school ends
Accept the invitation

E: This time… everyone else must be still studying? That’s the best
Well… it’s fun if only done occasionally
Skipping school is not good

Ai keeps look at purchases for herself…
Just go with it

Ai used a gold credit card for the purchase…
Are you rich?
… whose card is that?

  • Rank 1

E: Hmmm… the new season has not arrived yet. This one, and this one… I already have got them…
Why buy if you own them?
Then let’s come to buy again (*)
Don’t be so luxurious

E: Buy me an iced latte
Go buy it yourself
Let’s go together (*)

E: They should get rid of all salespeople and put in vending machines. Press a button, and out come your clothes.
Sounds like a good idea.
That’d be kind of boring.

  • Rank 2

E: What to do?
Didn’t you say shopping?
Just hang around (*)
Then why did you invite me?

E: Just feel that if you have looked at it, it’d bring me luck
That’s not true (*)

Ai gave a light pfft
Hey… the way of speech…
What if you listened a bit more?
Is that something a human being would say? (Social link will become reversed)
You value the look a lot?

  • Rank 3

The talk does not stop…
Stop it
Just let it be

E: ……
Did you hear (*)
Hey, let’s go

  • Rank 4

E: This… this period of time, thanks so much…
What for?
You’re welcome (*)
No, I haven’t done anything

E: Do you know… what’s his type? Do you think he hates someone like… me?
He must hate someone like you
Be confident (*)
I don’t know

E: Can you ask him… what type of girls he likes?
No! (Social Link will become reversed)

  • Rank 5

Before the events, talk to Kou.

E: He already has a lover…! No meaning!!
Calm down
Come here
Make her listen

E: Other than that, I don’t really have a strength…
Don’t be impatient
He just didn’t understand your charm
Let me give him a lesson

E: What? Hm…. haha
If so, let’s see each other?

E: Hmm… do you think we can be a good match?
I don’t really care
Should think about it

  • Rank 6

E: I’m sorry. I don’t mean to keep making you hang out with me…
I don’t mind. (*)
About time you said it.

E: I wonder why…
Because we’re friends. (*, Friend)
You have a crush on me. (*, Lover)
Because I’m special to you.

  • Rank 7

E: He was just… a normal, good guy. I guess what I felt was kind of a fleeting thing.
Happens all the time.
You can be so cruel.
Are you okay with that?

  • Rank 8

The atmosphere feels unsettling… Ai can be in danger
Jump in and help
Just keep watching

E: Ah… wasn’t that necessary?
You alright?
Don’t pretend

  • Rank 9

What to do…?
Receive it  (Love relationship)
Don’t receive it


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