Persona 4 Golden Lovers Social Link Guide

Rise Kujikawa is the star of the Lovers Social Link in Persona 4: Golden. She’s a party member as well so you’ll enjoy even more stuff from ranking this Social Link up. Unlike all the other party members, Rise will only play support, exchanging roles with Teddie: she’ll scan enemies and reveal their stats and weakness. With the Lovers Social Link at rank 3 she’ll learn the Treasure Radar ability, revealing the location of treasures on the map; at rank 6 Enemy Radar will become available, showing the position of all enemies on the current map; at rank 10 Rise’s persona will learn the Weakness Scan ability making her give hints on the enemies’ weakness at the beginning of the battle.
To initiate the Lovers Social Link you’ll have to wait until 7/23 when it will be initiated automatically. Once mastered Rise’s persona will evolve into Kan Se On and you’ll be able to fuse the strongest persona of the Lovers Arcana, Ishtar


  • Rank 1

R: But it’s a little embarrassing to show up alone, you know?
You don’t eat out?
Just order takeout? (*)


  • Rank 2

R: It’ll take time to get back, so let’s walk around quick!
You come here often?
Can’t you shop in Inaba…?
What are you looking for? (*)


  • Rank 3

Rise is worried…
Call the police
Grab her hand and run (*)

Rise is desperate…
Go along with her (*)
Deny it

R: I’m sorry… Lying about marrying you and all…
I don’t mind (*)
Lying is wrong
It… It was a lie?(*)


  • Rank 4

R: Senpai, have you ever thought that you’re pushing yourself too far, or that you were just acting…?
All the time
Not really

R: You’re with me right now because I’m Risette, yeah?
That’s right
No (*)
I don’t know (*)


  • Rank 5

Inoue: A fan letter came, you see…
Give it to her yourself.
Does she even need them?
Why so interested in her?

R: To think I trusted him… I feel betrayed!
That’s not nice.
He’s worried about you.
You’re really quitting?

R: I gave up on being Risette. I can’t meet her expectations…
Having second thoughts? (Best answer if the third one is not available)
This was your decision.
She’ll understand. (*, needs Tolerance rank 5)

R: Doesn’t that sound fun? H-How about it? Haha…ha…
Sounds great.
If you’re serious (*)
I can’t decide that now.


  • Rank 6

R: …She was cute, so I figured she would sell.
She’s cute, huh?
That’s good, isn’t it?

R: You like having such a cute underclassman, right? I’m an ex-idol, after all.
I’m happy.
I’m miserable.
That part doesn’t matter. (*)

Rise looks helpless…
Cheer her up.
Move closer to her.
Laugh it off. (*, needs Courage rank 5)


  • Rank 7

R: Senpai… I… crying… I don’t really know…
Don’t cry!
Cry as much as you like

… this can be an irreversible and important decision
Hug her (This answer will make the relationship romantic)
Look at her


  • Rank 8

R: Even though… it looked I did feel regret… why?
You’re still attached to the entertainment circle
That simply satisfies your ego
“Rise-chi” is also part of Rise (*)


  • Rank 9

R: Let me ask the person directly. Where is the hidden place?
What are you talking about?
Want to see it?
That’s not anything worth anticipating

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