Persona 4 Golden Justice Social Link Guide

Your cousin Nanako is the main character in the Justica Social Link in Persona 4: Golden. Being only available at night, it won’t make you loose too much time for other activities. You won’t even have to worry about missing it since it’s initiated automatically after 5/3. However just like with Dojima, you’ll need to improve your stats to be able to rank the Social Link to the maximum level possible. After mastering this Social Link you’ll be able to fuse the persona Suraosha, the strongest of the Justice Arcana.


  • Rank 1

Nanako is fidgeting.
What’s wrong?
Go ahead and ask (*)

N: Are you an only child?
That’s right. (*)


  • Rank 2

N: Is dad disappointed?
I’ll go buy some
Let’s go buy it together (*)
He’ll live

Nanako looks like she is going to cry
I’m sorry
Let’s chat a bit (needs Communication rank 3)
It’s not Nanako’s fault (* needs Courage rank 3)


  • Rank 3

Nanako is nodding her head cheerfully.
Why all these questions?
Is there anything else? (*)

N: What happens to a person…when they die?
They disappear.
They go to heaven. (*)
I don’t know.

N: Why do bad people do bad things?
They have no choice.
Because they enjoy it.
I don’t know. (*)

N: Are bad people more important to Dad than I am?
That’s not true.
He’s protecting everyone.
He’s protecting you. (*)


  • Rank 4

N: What do they mean by “real”?
Related to you by blood
A person you love a lot (*)
Always by your side

N: Daddy doesn’t come home because I’m not his “real” daughter?
Did he say that? (*)
That’s not true
You have me

What should you do?
Talk with her
Put her to bed
Listen to her talk (*, needs Tolerance rank 3)


  • Rank 5

Nanako looks like she’s about to cry…
Ask what happened
Swear to it (*)

N: He can’t come. huh?
He’ll come
I don’t know
I’ll ask him with you (*)


  • Rank 6

Dojima: What’s gotten into her…?
Let’s go look for her (*)
Let’s leave her alone

Dojima: She’ll listen to you…
That’s not true

N: Big bro…
Why’d you come here?
Let’s go home (*)
Your dad’s worried

N: Is he going to throw me away, too…?
He hasn’t forgotten
He won’t abandon you
Don’t worry


  • Rank 7

N: What to do? Teacher will be upset
Let’s look for it together (*)
There is not much you can do with lost things

N: Why didn’t dad smile?
He must be lonely
He must be unhappy that Nanako is feeling lonely


  • Rank 8

N: Hey, big brother. Nanako really loves dad very much
I know (*)
You dad also loves you very much
What about big brother?

N: …I feel sorry for him, losing someone he loves.
He still has you. (*)
She’s not lost.
I feel sorry for you, too.

What will you do…?
Talk to Nanako (*)
Put her to bed
Play with her (*)

Rank 9

N: Big brother, can you make me a salad?
Before breakfast!

N: As big brother is also my family member… let’s do our best together!
Don’t stress too much
Let’s try out best
Though I may not fulfill what your mom can…

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