Persona 4 Golden Hierophant Social Link Guide

The Hierophant Social Link in Persona 4: Golden stars the main character’s uncle and police detective Ryoutaro Doujima. The Hierophant Social Link is one of the Social Links only available at night and in this regard it may be easier to master, having more time available. However that doesn’t mean you can ignore the link for long: the number of night time activities has been increased in Persona 4: Golden so you may want to complete this as soon as you can. I suggest you do the Social Link whenever Dojima is available since he’ll be unavailable every time someone will be reported missing. Also note that you’ll have to improve your stats to be able to access higher ranks events. You can initiate the Social Link by talking to Dojima at the Dojima Residence after 5/6: once mastered, you’ll be able to fuse the strongest Persona of the Hierophant Arcana, Kohryu.


  • Rank 1

D: So… What have you been doing after school?
Hanging with friends
Club meetings
Working (*)

D: But it’s not as if we have much in common… except for the murders.
Do you still suspect me?
Not good at talking?
Tell me about yourself (*)

D: You’re more like my very young brother to me than a son.
That’s stretching it (*)
Should I call you big bro?


  • Rank 2

D: “When is always,” huh…?
Why don’t you pay attention to Nanako?
Nanako looks so pitiful
You’re not good at handling children, huh?

D: Plus… I’m not fit to be her family
Fit or not, you’re family
I don’t get it (*)


  • Rank 3

D: It’s only instant coffee but how would you like it?
Just milk (*)
Milk and sugar
I’ll just let you decide (*)

D: Why don’t you watch TV with Nanako?
That wouldn’t be right (*)
No problem


  • Rank 4

D: Oh… Sorry, I wasn’t talking about you.
Looking for something?
Can I help? (*)
Working at home?

D: It’s late. Go to sleep
Are you okay? (*)
What was that about?
But Nanako…


  • Rank 5

D: Let’s stop there.
Let’s not
Even if it’s about family?
Then let’s go outside (*)

D: I don’t need a private life to do that. …Nanako will understand.
You’re right.
Is this what she wants?
That’s just an excuse.


  • Rank 6

D: I can do that anytime…
When is “anytime”?
This is more important, huh? (*)


  • Rank 7

D: Sorry, but my hands are full here.
Working at home again?
Buying a new car?
Want some coffee? (*)

D: Do you understand why?
Because of Nanako. (*, best answer if the third one is unavailable)
Because her killer’s loose.
Because you’re a coward. (*, needs Courage Rank 5)


  • Rank 8

D: Er… Sorry about making you go along with this.
I don’t mind.
It was fun. (*)
Ask me next time.

D: That’s why I used revenge as an excuse to spend time away from her…
Was it hard?
Do you regret it now?
You’ve stopped running? (*)


  • Rank 9

D: This is your personal mug. Write your name on it later.
Thank you.
What am I using now?
My name? That’s okay…

D: MC, take care of Nanako.
Go get ’em.
Be careful.
Leave it to me.


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