Persona 4 Golden Hermit Social Link And Fox Quests Guide

The Hermit Social Link is a peculiar Social Link in Persona 4 Golden: to rank up this social link you’ll have to complete some quests for a Fox living near the Shrine in Town. Most of the quests will require more than one day to complete, even though getting the quests from the Fox won’t make you loose time at all. Ranking up the Hermit Social Link will bring you some advantage during dungeons since the Fox will heal your SP by paying a certain amount of money: the price will go down once the Social Link rank gets higher. The fox will also decrease the price randomly, depending on its mood: by having it on your side in dungeons, you may even be able to complete them in a single night, leaving you more free time for Social Links and other activities. Once mastered you’ll be able to fuse the strongest persona of the Hermit Arcana, Ongyouki; you’ll also be able to pray at the shrine making your Social Link level up faster: this will help you greatly during rainy days, when most of the social links are unavailable.  The Link will be initiated automatically on 5/5


  • Rank 1

Go to Tatsuhime Shrine on 5/5


  • Rank 2: “I Wish for Love” 

Yasogami High 1F, talk to the girl standing in front of the shoe lockers. She runs off.
Next day, approach her on 2F, and say that you read her note.
Next day, talk to her again on the second floor of the school.
Call the Fox.


  • Rank 3: “I Wish I Didn’t Crave Snacks” 

Central Shopping District South, in front of Shinroku General Store. Talk to the woman.
Find Chie and get the 3 Meat Gums.
Offer the woman one Meat Gum.
Call the Fox.

  • Rank 4: “We Wish Our Dog Would Return” 

Samegawa Floodplain, Riverbed. Talk to the dog. On the next day, “gently talk” to the dog at Central Shopping District North and he’ll flee again. On the next day, “gently talk” to the dog at the Samegawa Floodplain: you’ll need a Steak Skewer otherwise the dog will run again and you’ll have to wait another day.
Call the Fox once the steak skewer is offered.


  • Rank 5: “I Wish I Had Friends” 

. Talk to first man you meet on the Samegawa floodplains: h’lle request a Prize Sticker from the shopping network that shows every Sunday.
Next day, talk to him again. He’ll give you back the sticker, saying he wants a “rare kids sticker.”
That night, talk to Nanako to get a “Tankiriman Sticker.”
Next day, talk to him again and give him the sticker.
Next day, talk to him again.
Call the Fox.

  • Rank 6: “I Wish My Life Had Meaning Again” 

Talk to the man in front of a closed shop in the Central Shop District North. Afterwards, check the table in your room for four night to build a mode..
Once complete, show the model to the man.
Call the Fox.


  • Rank 7: “I Wish I Was Better At Speaking” 

Talk to girl near Chie’s location, on the school’s roof. To agree to her request you need rank 3 Expression. The next day, talk to her again. Tell her she needs to apologize (requires Courage).

Call the Fox.


  • Rank 8: “I Wish I Didn’t Fear Cats” 

Samegawa Flood Plain, talk to the man under a tree. Ask him about cats.
Go to the Dojima Residence after school and talk to the cat and then go back to the man.
Next day, talk to him again: he’ll requires a Red Goldfish which you can get by fishing during clear days.
Next day go and talk to him again.
Call the Fox.


  • Rank 9: “I Wish My Wallet Would Return” 

On the Samegawa Flood Plain, talk to the woman near the cat. Go to the Riverbed and search the Bushes near the sign next to the stairs to find a Round Wallet. Talk to the woman again to find out it’s the wrong wallet.
Go to the Central Shopping District North and search the bushes near the Tatsuhime Shrine for a Square Wallet.
Talk to the woman.
Call the Fox.


  • Rank 10: “I Wish to See the Samegawa’s Guardian” 

Talk to fisherman on the Riverbed. He requires a Huge Fish as proof of your ability. Fish it up on Rainy days or look for an offer on the shopping program on Sundays. He hands over an Angler’s Set. Once you fished the guardian go talk to the fisherman. On the next two days go talk to the fox twice the reach rank 10

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