Persona 4 Golden Hanged Man Social Link Guide

The Hanged Man Social Link in Persona 4 Golden requires a bit more effort from the player to initiate: you’ll need to improve your Understand to at least rank 3 before being able to start the Social Link. Main character of the Hanged Man Social Link is Naoki Konishi, brother of Saki Konishi, the second victim of the mysterious Inaba killer. To start the Social Link you’ll have to talk to Naoki after 6/9, saying that you just want to talk and then say ‘ That is the case’. Talk to him the next day to initiate the Social Link. After mastering the Hanged Man Social Link you’ll be able to fuse Attis, the strongest persona of the Hanged Man Arcana. You’ll find Naoki on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday on the first floor of the learning building.

  • Prologue

Young brother: Ah… Health Education Committee member?
Let’s go together
Please go
It’s fine if you don’t go

You get more conversation with the young brother
Express disapproval
Let him be

Young brother: ……
Didn’t come back
What are you doing?

Next day

N: Told you it was a gift for you
No, the pleasure is mine
I don’t remember you said such thing…
You helped me

N: Oh… we just met but I said such a rude thing, sorry about that
I don’t mind at all
You’re very frank
Yes, I was hurt

  • Rank 1

N: The home is very close, and the person often comes by. Though recently it’s changed
Had enough?(*)
Related to the incident?

N: What is meant by… “living decently”?
Contribute to society
Be nice and take care of your parents (*)
Leave some accomplishment
I don’t know (*)

  • Rank 2

Naoki is laughing like he’s having a good time…
Ask him to tell another story
Tell your own tale of failure (*)
Tell him a joke

Naoki lips are tightly closed
Complaint is coming (*)
Are you not going to reply?
Let the gossipers gossip

  • Rank 3

Naoki looks distressed
Talk back to the lady (*, needs Courage Rank 4)
Flatter her (*)
Keep quiet

N: Sorry, that was some weird atmosphere
It’s not your fault (*)
Let’s forget about it

  • Rank 4

N: ……
Good thought (*)
Please reconsider

N: … but if I don’t do it…
Try your best
There will be other ways
Take you time and think

  • Rank 5

N: I was, strangely, being suspected
Yup, you’re right
Just let them be
Don’t worry too much

N: Do I look… that pitiful?
Don’t be a kid (*)
I know what they mean (*)

  • Rank 6

N: By the way, I want to apologize
I never minded (*)
For what?

N: How to get away from this? For me, or for my elder sister… I am really not sure…
Just take you time to consider
Some action should come first (*)

  • Rank 7

N: That’s sarcastic…
That’s also a virtue
For business purpose, I think it’s fine

N: That’s needless, Hanamura San. Also, MC…
All of you, cut this out
I can’t leave this alone

  • Rank 8

N: Because I wasn’t able to cry like the actors on TV, I thought that maybe I didn’t actually like Sis…
That’s not true.
People are different. (*)
You’re just inept.

N: She must’ve wanted to live more, huh?
Yeah, I’m sure of it.
I don’t know.
Live for her sake.

Naoki is biting his lip…
It was out of your hands.
She can hear you. (*)
Just let it all out, Naoki.

  • Rank 9

N: It’s all because of MC
I haven’t been doing anything


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