Persona 4 Golden Fusion Guide: Strength Arcana

The Strength arcana personas in Persona 4 Golden are among those personas which don’t really have a defining trait: some of them are really good at physical attacks, while others come with a mixed bag of skills and features. Choose the one best suited for the situation. Here’s the full list of personas with starting level, resistances and weaknesses, skills and fusion recipes

  • Sandman

Starts at level 5, resists wind, weak to thunder. Skills: Garu, Pulinpa, Skull Cracker(6), Confuse Boost(7), Dekaja(8), Traesto(11). You can find Sandman in Yukiko’s Castle

  • Valkyrie

Starts from level 8, resists ice, weak to wind. Skills: Bufu, Cleave, Rakunda, Media(10), Arm Chopper(11), Mabufu(12). You can find Valkyrie in Yukiko’s Castle or obtain her by fusing Slime with Cu Sith.

  • Titan

Starts from level 14, resists physical attacks and thunder, weak to fire. Skills: Mazio, Skull Cracker, Dekunda, Dodge Ice(16), Kill Rush(18), Resist Fear(19). You can find Titan in the Steamy Bathhouse or obtain him by fusing Nata Taishi with Cu Sith

  • Rakshasa

Starts from level 23, resists physical attacks, weak to ice. Skills: Kill Rush, Brain Shake, Counter, Gale Slash(25), Auto-Tarukaja(26), Dodge Physical(27), Power Charge(28). Rakshasa can be found in the Marukyu Striptease or obtained by fusing Obariyon with Ippon-Datara.

  • Kusi Mitama

Starts from level 28, nulls wind, weak to electricity. Skills: Garula, Zionga, Soul Break, Survive Light(31), Survive Dark(32), Traesto(33), Exhaust Boost(34). Kusi Mitana can be found in the Void Quest or obtained by fusing Alraune with Cu Sith or King Frost with Hua Po.

  • Oni

Starts from level 30, resists physical attacks, weak to fire. Skills: Fatal End, Counter, Cruel Attack, Atom Smasher(32), Resist Physical(33), Endure(34), Power Charge(35). Oni can be found in the Void Quest or obtained by fusing Ose with Makami

  • Hanuman

Starts from level 42, resists physical attacks, nulls ice, weak to thunder. Skills: Mighty Swing, Rakunda, Recarm, Blade of Fury(44), Dodge Wind(46), Endure(47), Power Charge(48). Hanuman can be found in the Secret Laboratory or obtained by fusing Shiki-ouji with Lamia.

  • Kali

Starts from level 50, resists physical, nulls ice, weak to fire. Skills: Bufudyne, Mudoon, Deathbound(52), Revolution(53), High Counter(54), Power Charge(55). Kali can be found in Heaven of obtained by fusing Cu Chulain with Gorgon and Yatsufusa or Black Frost with Yatsufusa or Skadi with Setata with Okuninushi.

  • Siegfried

Starts from level 63, nulls physical, resists ice, weak to wind. Skills: Akasha Arts, Power Charge, Masukukaja, High Counter(65), Regenerate 3(66), Rainy Death(68), God’s Hand(70). Siegfried can be found in Magatsu Mandala or obtained by fusing Shiki Oouji with Hell Biker or Skadi with Abaddon and Shiki Ouji.

  • Zaou Gongen

Starts from level 90, reflects fire, weak to thunder. Skills: Maragidyne, Power Charge, God’s Hand, Anima Freeze(92), Evade Physical(93), Enduring Soul(94), Fire Amp(95), Vorpal Blade(96). Zao Gongen can only be fused after maxing the Strength Social Link: use Arahabaki with Shiki Ouji or Sandalphon with Asura or Horus with Daisojou or Yurlungur with Surtr.

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