Persona 4 Golden Fusion Guide Priestess Arcana

The personas of the Priestess Arcana in Persona 4: Golden are mostly oriented at healing as most of them have skills to heal the party, cure status ailments and some buff and debuff skills. Most of them have a high inheritance rate for healing skills, as expected. You can get a general idea by looking at Yukiko’s persona stats and skills. There are no set weakness as they vary between all the personas of the arcana. Here’s the full list of the Priestess personas, together with skills, where to find them and some fusion combinations.

  • Saki Mitama

Starts at level 11, resistant to ice attacks but weak against wind attacks. Skills: Dia, Bufu, Sukunda, Alertness(13), Media(14), Null Rage(16). You can find Saki Mitama easily in the Steamy Bathhouse.

  • Sarasvati

Starts at level 17, nulls ice attacks but weak against wind attacks. Skills: Media, Mabufu, Patra, Invigorate 2(19), Resist Rage(20), Dekaja(21), Null Wind(23). You can find Sarasvati in the Steam Bathhouse or in the Marukyu Striptease. You can also fuse together Archangel with Berith

  • High Pixie

Starts at level 22, nulls electricity attacks but she’s weak against ice attacks. Skills: Mazio, Sukukaja, Me Patra, Zionga(24), Invigorate 1(25), Dodge Fire(26), Trafuri(27). You can find High Pixie in the Marukyu Striptease or get her by fusing Berith with Matador or Andra with Berith or Pixie with Angel and Fortuna.

  • Ganga

Starts at level 29, absorbs ice attacks but it’s weak to fire and darkness. Skills: Bufula, Diarama, Dekaja, Mind Slice(31), Confuse Boost(32), Mediarama(33), Evade Fire(35). You can get Ganga in the Marukyu Striptease or by fusing Ghoul with Alraune.

  • Parvati

Starts at level 37, nulls electricity attacks but it’s weak to ice attacks. Skills: Diarama, Nervundi, Mediarama(39), Marakukaja(40), Dodge Elec(41), Divine Grace(43). You can get this persona in the Secret Laboratory or by fusing Matador with Alraune or Andra with Yatsufasa

  • Kikuri Hime

Starts at level 48, nulls fire attacks, resists electricity but it’s weak to Mudo skills. Skills: Mediarama, Posumudi, Agilao, Samarecarm(50), Diarahan(52), Resist Dark(53), Divine Grace(54). You can get her in Heaven or by fusing Gorgon with Yatagarasu

  • Hariti

Starts at level 59, nulls ice attacks, resists wind attacks but it’s weak to electricity. Skills: Diarahan, Bufudyne, Marakukaja, Mediarahan(61), Arrow Rain(62), Samarecarm(64). You can find her in the Magatsu Inaba or obtain her by fusing Hell Biker with Dominion.

  • Tzitzimitl

Starts at level 70, reflects electricity attacks, nulls Mudo skills but it’s weak to wind. Skills: Ziodyne, Virus Wave, Mustard Bomb, Silence Boost(71), Dekaja(72), Regenerate 3(73), Maziodyne(76), Repel Elec(77). This persona can be found in the Yomotsu Hirasaka or obtained by fusing Trumpeter with Skadi or Cu Chulain with Sandalphon.

  • Scathach

Starts at level 79, absorbs ice, nulls wind attacks but it’s weak to fire attacks. Skills: Mabufudyne, Garudyne, Amrita(81), Magarudyne(82), Ice Amp(83), Wind Amp(84), Mind Charge(85). It can only be fused after maxing the Priestess Social Link: you can fuse Odin with Arahabaki, Isis with Suparna or Tzitzimitl with Hell Biker and Seth.

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