Persona 4 Golden Fusion Guide: Magician Arcana Personas

As one could expect, the Magician Arcana personas in Persona 4 Golden are pretty good in the magic department, especially in the fire element: most of the personas have a great affinity to fire, boosting fire based skill inheritance during fusions. Being tied to one of the first Social Link you’ll unlock, expect to make a lot of use out of them. Here’s the list of all the Magician Personas, together with suggested fusion recipes, resistances and weakness, skills.

  • Pixie

Starts at level 2. Weak against fire and resistant to wind attacks. Skills: Dia, Patra, Zio(3), Me Patra(4), Trafuri(8). Pixie can be easily found in Yukiko’s Castle or by fusing together Orobas and Jack Frost.

  • Orobas

Starts at level 8. Resistant to fire and weak to ice. Skills: Agi, Hysterical Slap, Dekaja, Dodge Ice(10), Resist Dizzy(11), Sharp Student(12). It can be found in Yukiko’s Castle and Steamy Bathhouse. You can also obtain it by fusing Izanagi with Sandman or Slime with Apsaras.

  • Jack Frost

Starts at level 16. Weak to fire, totally nullifies damage from ice attacks. Skills: Mabufu, Ice Break, Me Patra, Ice Boost(18), Bufula(19), Dodge Fire(20), Mind Charge(25). Jack Frost can be found in the Steamy Bathhouse and Marukyu Striptease. You can get also get Jack Frost by fusing Omoikane with Sylph or Eligor with Titan

  • Hua Po

Starts at level 25. Nullifies fire attacks, weak to ice attacks. Skills: Agilao, Rakukaja, Re Patra, Fire Break(26), Makajam(27), Dodge Ice(29), Fire Boost(30). Hua Po can be found in the Marukyu Striptease. You can also get her by fusing Eligor with Nigi Mitama or Andra with Oberon

  • Pyro Jack

Starts at level 32. Absorbs damage from fire attacks, weak to ice attacks. Skills: Agilao, Tarunda, Marakukaja(34), Maragion(36), Auto-Rakukaja(37), Resist Ice(38). You can get Pyro Jack by fusing Ares with Mithra.

  • Dis

Starts at level 39. Reflects fire attacks and doesn’t have any weakness. Skills: Maragion, Diarama, Dekunda, Dodge Ice(41), Masukunda(42), Agidyne(43), Mind Charge(44). You can find Dis in the Secret Laboratory. You canl also get this persona by fusing Archangel with Shiki-Ouji or Lamia with Leanan Sidhe or Pyro Jack with Gdon and Parvati

  • Rangda

Starts at level 47. Reflects Physical attacks, weak to ice attacks. Skills: Maragion, Tentarafoo, Agidyne(49), Dodge Ice(50), Mustard Bomb(51), Repel Physical(55). Rangda can be found in the Secret Laboratory or in Heaven. You can also get him by fusing Flauros with Seiryu or Succubus with Dominion.

  • Jinn

Starts at level 62. Absorbs all damage from fire attacks, weak to ice attacks. Skills: Agidyne, Foolish Whisper, Resist Physical(65), Fire Boost(66), Null Physical(67), Valiant Dance(68). You can get Jinn in the Magatsu Mandala or by fusing together Dominion and Shiki-Ouji or Hell Biker with Dominion and Ganesha.

  • Surt

Starts at level 69. Reflects all fire damage, nulls wind damage, weak to ice attacks. Skills: Agidyne, Deathbound, High Counter, Maragidyne(71), Ragnarok(74), Fire Amp(75), Null Ice(76). You can find Surt in the Yomotsu Hirasaka. You can also get the ancient Norse God by fusing Barong with Seth, among other triple spread combinations.

  • Mada

Starts at level 78. Absorbs all fire damage, weak to ice. Skills: Agidyne, Fire Boost, Foolish Whisper, Maragidyne(81), Evade Ice(82), Ailment Boost(83), Fire Amp(84). You can only fuse Mada after mastering the Magician Social Link: use Horus with Belphegor and Melchizedek or Yurlungur with Atavaka or Alilat with Arahabaki.


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