Persona 4 Golden Fusion Guide: Lovers Arcana

The Lovers Arcana personas in Persona 4: Golden are all geared towards magic: their magic stats is the highest in almost all of them, making them perfect to dish out elemental damage. The later personas also learn the Megido spells, which deal non elemental magic damage. Other than that, they’ll come with lots of recovery spells so if you need an extra hand in healing, bring a Lovers persona with you.
Here’s the full list of Personas with their starting level, skills, resistances and weakness

  • Queen Mab

Starts at level 25, nulls thunder attacks but weak to wind. Skills: Zionga, Tentarafoo, Dekunda, Recarm(26), Dodge Wind(27), Mazionga(29), Resist Confuse(30). You can find Queen Mab in the Marukyu Striptease or fuse her by using Taotie with Ghoul or Izanagi with Nata Taishi and Slime

  • Undine

Starts at level 33, absorbs ice attacks but it’s weak to fire. Skills: Diarama, Bufula, Posumudi, Mabufula(34), Mediarama(36), Ice Boost(37). Undine can be found in the Void Quest or fused by using Taotie with Matador

  • Leanan Sidhe

Starts at level 42, nulls ice attacks, resists wind but it’s weak to fire. Skills: Mediarama, Me Patra, Tentarafoo(43), Confuse Boost(44), Energy Shower(45), Samarecarm(46), Divine Grace(47). Leanan Sidhe can be found in the Void Quest and Secret Laboratory or fused by using Samael with Neko Shogun or Cu Chulain with Virtue

  • Raphael

Starts at level 53, reflects ice damage, nulls Hama spells but it’s weak to Mudo spells. Skills: Diarahan, Megidola, Masukukaja(55), Amrita(56), Null Dizzy(57), Mediarahan(59). Raphael can be found in the Magatsu Mandala or fused by combining Cu Chulain with Dominion or Yatagarasu with Parvati and Dominion

  • Cybele

Starts at level 64: resists fire, nulls ice damage but it’s weak to electricity. Skills: Mediarama, Vicious Strike, Recarm, Myriad Arrows(67), Samarecarm(68), Mediarahan(70). Cybele can be found in Yomotsu Hirasaka or fused by combining Trumpeter with Throne or White Rider with Ganesha.

  • Ishtar

Starts at level 71, nulls thunder attacks but weak to wind. Skills: Mediarahan, Samarecarm, Mutudi, Maziodyne(72), Amrita(75), Spell Master(76), Absorb Wind(77), Salvation(78). Ishtar can only be fused after maxing the Lovers Social Link. Use Uriel with Michael or Anubis with Belial and Hariti.

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