Persona 4 Golden Fusion Guide: Hierophant Arcana

Unlike the Arcanas covered until now, the Hierophant personas in Persona 4 Golden don’t have a general feature that distinguish them: they’re most balanced , featuring a good mix of elemental spells, physical attacks and buffs. The Debuff and healing spells are quite scarce, but that’s why Fusion is there, as well as the new skill cards. Here’s the full list of the Hierophant personas stating starting level, weaknesses and resistances and skills, together with some fusion recipes.

  • Omoikane

Starts at level 7, resistant to electricity attacks and weak to ice. Skills: Zio, Sukunda, Tarunda, Poison Mist(8), Resist Wind(9), Dodge Ice(10), Resist Poison(11), Resist Elec(12). You can find Omoikane in Yukiko’s Castle

  • Anzu

Starts at level 15, weak to fire, resistant to electricity, nulls wind attacks. Skills: Garu, Balzac, Alertness, Magaru(17), Red Wall(18), Mahama(19), Auto-Sukukaja(20). You can find Anzu in the Steamy Bathhouse or you can get him by fusing Sylph with Yomotsu Shikome.

  • Shiisaa

Starts at level 21, weak to fire, nulls wind attacks and resists electricity, weak to Mudo spells. Skills: Mazio, Balzac, Rakukaja(22), Zionga(23), Silence Boost(24), Resist Fire(25), Null Rage(26). You can find Shiisa in the Marukyu Striptease or fuse him by using Saki Mitama and Nigi Mitama

  • Unicorn

Starts at level 29, nulls ice attacks but weak against wind and darkness. Skills:  Zionga, Mahama, Nervundi, Dekunda(31), Trafuri(32), Recarm(33), Mazionga(34). Unicorn can be obtained in the Marukyu Striptease and Void Quest or by fusing Eligor with Fuu-Ki, Oni with Yomotsu Ikusa, Ganga with Nigi Mitama or Xiezhai with Undine.

  • Flauros

Starts at level 36, nulls fire attacks, resists wind, weak to ice. Skills: Fatal End, Tarukaja, Agilao, Herculean Strike(38), Apt Pupil(39), Dodge Ice(40), Crazy Chain(41). Flauros can be found in the Void Quest and Secret Laboratory or fused by combining Saki Mitama with Ara Mitama or Sylph with Shiki Ouji.

  • Hokuto Seikun

Starts at level 45, weak to fire, reflects thunder attacks. Skills:Zionga, Elec Boost, Navas Nebula, Blade of Fury(47), Resist Exhaust(48), Counterstrike(50), Ziodyne(51). Found in the Secret Laboratory, Hokuto Seikun can be obtained also by fusing Triglav with Leanan Sidhe or Nigi Mitama with Shiki-Ouji.

  • Cerberus

Starts at level 52, reflects fire attacks, weak to ice. Skills: Agidyne, Gigantic Fist, Vicious Strike(53), Maragidyne(54), Regenerate 2(55), Fire Amp(57), Auto-Sukukaja(58). Cerberus can be found in Heaven or fused by combining Ganesha with Seiryu or Cu Chulain with Undine and Decarabia.

  • Daisojou

Starts at level 60, nulls fire and holy attacks, weak to Mudo spells. Skills: Hamaon, Diarahan, Makarakarn, Agidyne(62), Endure Dark(63), Mahamaon(64), Hama Boost(65), Samsara(67). Daisojou can be found in Magatsu Mandala or fused by combining Raphael with Kin-Ki or Hell Biker with Ganesha and Yamatano-Orochi

  • Hachiman

Starts at level 70, nulls ice and thunder, weak to darkness. Skills: Maziodyne, Makarakarn, Matarukaja, Elec Break(72), Dekunda(74), Revolution(75). Found in Magatsu Mandala and Yomotsu Hirasaka, it can be fused by combining White Rider with Taowu and Anubis or Michael with Okuninushi and Atavaka.

  • Kohryu

Starts at level 76, reflects electricity and nulls holy attacks. Skills: Ziodyne, Mediarahan, Samarecarm, Maziodyne(78), Mind Charge(79), Elec Amp(80), Spell Master(82), Salvation(83). Unlocked by maxing the Hierophant Social Link, it can be fused by combining Byakko, Suzaku, Seiryuu and Genbu.

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