Persona 4 Golden Fusion Guide: Hermit Arcana

The Hermit Arcana personas don’t really have a defining common feature, except for their versatility: the Hermit personas can learn skills of all types, except for healing spells. They have quite a few supportive spells so if you need buffing and debuffing for boss battles, Hermit personas could be the way to go. Here’s the full list of the Hermit Arcana Personas, with starting level, weaknesses, skills and fusion recipes

  • Forneus

Starts from level 6, resists ice, nulls darkenss, weak to thunder. Skills: Bufu, Skewer, Tarukaja, Rakunda(7), Poisma(8), Dodge Elec(10). Forneus can be found in Yukiko’s Castle

  • Ippon-datara

Starts from level 17, resists fire, nulls darkness, weak to Hama spells. Skills: Mudo, Maragi, Mamudo(19), Agilao(20), Rampage(21), Mudo Boost(22). Ippon-datara can be found in the Marukyu Striptease or obtained by fusing Ukobach with Sylph or Ghoul with Obariyon.

  • Lamia

Starts from level 26, resists fire and electricity, nulls darkness. Skills: Poison Mist, Agilao, Nervundi, Poison Boost(28), Null Poison(29), Soul Break(30), Maragion(32). lamia can be found in the Marukyu Striptease or obtained by fusing Eligor with Matador.

  • Mothman

Starts from level 33, resists fire, reflects electricity, weak to ice. Skills: Zionga, Valiant Dance, Foul Breath(35), Elec Break(36), Mazionga(37), Rage Boost(38). Mothman can be found in the Void Quest or obtained by fusing Ghoul with Decarabia.

  • Hitokoto-Nushi

Starts from level 41, nulls ice and wind, weak to fire. Skills: Foolish Whisper, Auto-Sukukaja, Poison Arrow, Zionga(43), Resist Fire(45), Elec Boost(46), Auto-Masukukaja(47) . Hitokoto-Nushi can be found in the Secret Laboratory or obtained by fusing Matador with Shiki-Ouji.

  • Kurama Tengu

Starts from level 48, resists fire, absorbs wind, weak to electricity. Skills: Garula, Masukunda, Vicious Strike, Growth 2(50), Wind Boost(51), Red Wall(52), Resist Elec(53). Kurama Tengu can be found in Heaven or obtained by fusing Tagarasu with Seiryu or Cu Chulain with Yastufasa

  • Nidhoggr

Starts at level 55, nulls darkness, weak to ice and light. Skills: Mamudoon, Evil Smile, Ghastly Wail(57), Bufudyne(58), Stagnant Air(59), Resist Physical(60), Ice Boost(61). Nidhoggr can be found in Heaven or obtained by fusing Anubis with Dominion and Ganesha.

  • Nebiros

Starts from level 63, resists wind, reflects fire, nulls darkness, weak to thunder and light. Skills: Mamudoon, Agidyne, Dekaja, Mind Charge(65), Mudo Boost(67), Null Light(69), Spell Master(70). Nebiros can be found in Magatsu Mandala or obtained by fusing Siegfried with Belphegor or Mara with Mother Harlot.

  • Arahabaki

Starts from level 73, reflects physical attacks, nulls light and darkness, weak to fire and ice. Skills: Vicious Strike, Auto-Maraku, Null Fear, Alertness(74), Tetrakarn(76), Repel Physical(80). Arahabaki can be found in Yomotsu Hirasaka or obtained by fusing Nidhoggr, Barong and Melchizedek.

  • Ongyo-ki

Starts from level 83, nulls thunder and darkness, absorbs wind, weak to light. Skills: Foolish Whisper, Ziodyne, Masukukaja, Ailment Boost(84), Elec Amp(85), Revolution(86), Firm Stance(87). Ongyo-ki can only be fused after maxing the Hermit Social Link: fuse together Kin-Ki- Sui-Ki Fuu-Ki and Oni

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