Persona 4 Golden Fusion Guide: Hanged Man Arcana

The Hanged Man Arcana personas in Persona 4 Golden are geared mostly towards the darkness element: most of the them come naturally with the Mudo skills, inflicting instant death on enemies weak to darkness. They also have a few skills capable of inflicting various status ailments: couple with the Boost skills, they can be used to make even the toughest random encounter easier than ever. Here’s the full list of the Hanged Man persona with starting level, weaknesses and resistances, skills and fusion recipes.

  • Berith

Starts from level 15, nulls fire, weak to wind. Skills: Single Shot, Mudo, Maragi(16), Mudo Boost(17), Green Wall(18), Brain Shake(19), Resist Confuse(20). Berith can be found in the Marukyu Striptease.

  • Yomotsu-Ikusa

Starts from level 22, resists ice, nulls darkness, weak to fire. Skills: Cell Breaker, Mabufu, Enervate Boost(24), Foul Breath(25), Poison Mist(26), Poison Boost(27). Yomotsu-Ikusa can be found in the Marukyu Striptease or obtained by fusing Matador with Valkyrie.

  • Makami

Starts from level 27: resists wind, nulls fire and darkness, weak to light. Skills: Agilao, Sukunda, Auto-Sukukaja(29), Diarama(30), Resist Silence(31), Dodge Physical(32), Resist Ice(33). Makami can be found in the Maryukyu Striptease or obtained by fusing Alraune with Apsaras.

  • Orthrus

Starts from level 39, resists fire, weak to ice. Skills: Agilao, Black Spot, Marakukaja(41), Fire Boost(42), Maragion(44), Null Ice(45). Orthrus can be found in the Secret Laboratory or obtained by fusing Nigi Mitama with Alraune.

  • Yatsufusa

Starts from level 49, nulls light, absorbs fire, reflects wind. Skills: Agidyne, Masukukaja, Fire Boost, Heat Wave(51), Power Charge(52), Dodge Physical(53), Maragidyne(54), Mind Charge(55). Yatsufusa can only be fused in a Star Spread: use Thoth, Orthrus, Makami, Narasimha and Mothman.

  • Taowu

Starts from level 56, nulls thunder and darkness, weak to fire and light. Skills: Aeon Rain, Dekaja, Matarukaja, Null Enervate(58), Power Charge(60), Evade Physical(61), Absorb Fire(62). Taowu can be found in Heaven or obtained by fusing Neko Shogun with Cu Chulain or Yatsufusa with Queen Mab and Gorgon.

  • Hell Biker

Starts from level 66, reflects fire, weak to light. Skills: Agidyne, Aeon Rain, Endure(68), Mudoon(69), Maragidyne(70), Absorb Fire(71), Fire Amp(73). Hell Biker can be found in Magatsu Mandala and Yomotsu Hirasaka or obtained by fusing Anubis with Shiki-Ouji

  • Vasuki

Starts from level 71, resists ice, nulls thunder, weak to darkness. Skills: Hamaon, Virus Wave, Null Poison(73), High Counter(74), Evade Wind(75), Mahamaon(76), Ziodyne(77). Vasuki can be found in Yomotsu Hirasaka or obtained by fusing Mara with Hachiman or Abaddon with Futsuninushi.

  • Attis

Starts from level 82, nulls fire, reflects wind, weak to darkness. Skills: Agidyne, Amrita, Marakukaja, Enduring Soul(84), Samarecarm(86), Maragidyne(87), Mamudoon(88). Attis can only be fused after maxing the Hanged Man Social Link: use Helel and Masakado or Uriel, Suparna and Baal Zebul in the fusion.

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