Persona 4 Golden Fusion Guide: Fortune Arcana

The Fortune Arcana personas in Persona 4: Golden all have a strong affinity with the wind element: as such, most of them have a high resistance to wind attacks, with some of them absorbing and reflecting those attacks. They also have some good healing and supportive spells making them good for a variety of situations. Please note ,however, that even the starting persona has a high base level, making the Fortune persona only usable late in the game, even though you may be able to fuse them before you have reached the required minimum level to control them. But once you do reach that level, they’ll be a great asset during battle: Norn was in my party during the final battles of the game. Here’s the full list of the Fortune personas with starting level, weaknesses and resistances, skills and suggested fusion recipes.

  • Fortuna

Starts at level 35, nulls fire and wind, weak to thunder. Skills: Garula, Rakukaja, Dodge Elec(37), Magarula(38), Auto-Sukukaja(39), Wind Boost(40). Fortuna can be fused by combining  Izanagi with Pixie and Slime or Slime with Apsaras and Sarasvati

  • Clotho

Starts at level 44, reflects wind. Skills: Magarula, Mutudi, Navas Nebula(45), Makarakarn(47), Wind Boost(48), Garudyne(49), Null Enervate(50). Clotho can be fused by combining Dis with Mithra, Alraune, Yatsufusa, Gorgon and Virtue

  • Lachesis

Starts at level 51, resists ice, nulls wind, weak to thunder. Skills: Garudyne, Masukukaja, Recarm(53), Makara Break(54), Absorb Wind(55), Red Wall(56), Resist Exhaust(57). Lachesis can be fused by combining Dominion with Ose and Taowu or Black Frost with Virtue and Yastufasa

  • Ananta

Starts at level 58, resists physical attacks, absorbs ice, weak to thunder. Skills: Mabufula, White Wall, Marakukaja(59), Bufudyne(61), Green Wall(62), Invigorate 3(63), Null Exhaust(64). Ananta can be fused by combining Fortuna with Shiki Ouji and Hell Biker.

  • Atropos

Starts from level 65, nulls wind, weak to fire. Skills: Garudyne, Wind Boost, Mind Charge(67), Magarudyne(68), Evade Fire(69), Wind Amp(70). Atropos can be fused by combining Helel with Hachiman and Ishtar or White Rider with Nidhoggr and Anubis or Parvati with Jinn and Anubis.

  • Norn

Starts from level 72, resists ice, absorbs wind, weak to thunder. Skills: Magarudyne, Garudyne, Diarahan, Auto-Masuku(74), Invigorate 3(75), Wind Amp(76), Insta-Heal(77), Debilitate(79). Norn can only be fused after maxing the Fortune Social Link: use Clotho, Lakesis and Antropos in the fusion process.

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