Persona 4 Golden Fusion Guide: Empress Arcana

How are your persona fusion experiments going? In this guide we’re going to cover all the personas available for the Empress arcana in Persona 4 Golden. The Empress personas are mostly geared towards magic, with some decent recovery spells and buffs and a good affinity for the ice element. Please remember that before being able to fuse the strongest persona of the Empress arcana, you must level up the Empress Social Link to Rank 10. Here’s the full list with all skills, resistances and weakness and some fusion recipes.

  • Senri

Starting at level 9, nulls fire attacks but weak to electricity. Skills: Dia, Makajam, Agi, Dekunda(10), Media(11), Trafuri(14). You can obtain Senri easily in Yukiko’s Castle and the Steamy Bathhouse.

  • Yaksini

Starting at level 18, weak to fire attacks, nulls ice attacks completely. Skills: Mabufu, Rakunda, Swift Strike(20), Ice Boost(21), Bufula(22), Auto-Tarukaja(23). You can find Yaksini in the Steamy Bathhouse or in the Marukyu Striptease or by fusing Ghoul with Cu Sith

  • Titania

Starting at level 26, weak to fire, totally nulls ice damage. Skills:Diarama, Magaru, Red Wall(27), Garula(29), Regenerate 2(31), Mind Charge(32). You can find Titania in the Marukyu Striptease or fuse Mokoi with Gdon or Makami with King Fost

  • Gorgon

Starting at level 34, nulls all ice damage but weak to Hama skills. Skills: Bufula, Me Patra, Crazy Chain(35), Null Confuse(36), Mabufula(38), Ice Boost(39). Gorgon can be obtained in the Secret Laboratory or by fusing Shiisa with Alraune or Ose with Titania.

  • Gabriel

Starting at level 44, high resistance to fire attacks, nulls Hama attacks but weak to Mudo spells. Skills: Mabufula, Mediarama, Energy Shower(45), Survive Dark(47), Heat Wave(48), Divine Grace(50). Gabriel can be obtained in the secret laboratory or by fusing Ose with Fuu-Ki

  • Skadi

Starts at level 52, weak to fire, absorbs ice attacks and resist wind spells. Skills: Mabufula, Aeon Rain, Bufudyne(54), Ice Amp(56), Repel Ice(57), Repel Fire(59), Spell Master(60). Skadi can be found in Heaven or obtained by fusing Fuu-Ki with Decarabia

  • Mother Harlot

Starts at level 60, resists ice attacks, reflects electricity attacks, nulls Mudo skills but it’s weak to Hama spells and win attacks. Skills: Maziodyne, Mamudoon, Mudo Boost(62), Foolish Whisper(63), Resist Fire(64), Ailment Boost(65). Mother Harlot can be found in Heaven and Magatsu Mandala or by fusing Hell Biker and Ganesha or Anubis with Yatsufasa.

  • Alilat

Starts at level 70, nulls ice attacks but she’s weak against electricity. Skills: Makarakarn, Mabufudyne, Regenerate 3(72), Evade Physical(73), Growth 2(74), Auto-Maraku(75). You can find Alilat in Yomotsu Hirasaka or obtain her by fusing Trumpeter with Vasuki, White Rider with Taowu and Daisojou.

  • Isis

Starts at level 79, reflects ice attacks but she’s weak against electricity attacks. Skills: Mediarahan, Bufudyne, Tetrakarn, Cool Breeze(80), Absorb Ice(82), Mabufudyne(83), Salvation(85), Null Elec(86). She can only be obtained through fusion after having maxed the Empress Social Link: you need to fuse Asura with Yatsufasa and Vasuki or Suparna with Mara and Daisoujou or Alice with Trumpeter and Hariti.


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