Persona 4 Golden Fusion Guide: Emperor Arcana

The personas of the Emperor Arcana in Persona 4: Golden have a high affinity with the electricity element. However don’t expect to deal much magical damage since they’re better at physical attacks. If you want to know how they’re going to behave in battle, you can take a look at Kanji’s Persona, Take Mikazuchi, to get a quick overview. Healing and buff/debuff spells are rare, except if you make them inherit them in fusion or use skill cards. Here’s the full list of the Emperor personas, with starting level, skills, weaknesses and suggested fusion recipes.

  • Oberon

Starts at level 12, resists fire attacks, nulls electricity, weak to wind. Skills:  Zio, Arm Chopper, Makajam(13), Media(14), Elec Boost(15), Mazio(16), Dodge Wind(17). You can find Oberon in the Steamy Bathhouse and Marukyu Striptease.

  • King Frost

Starts at level 22, absorbs ice attacks, weak to fire. Skills: Bufula, Mabufu, Ice Break, Rakukaja(23), Dodge Fire(24), Ice Boost(26), Null Fire(27), Anima Freeze(28). You can find King Frost in the Marukyu Striptease of get him by fusing Lilim with Anzu

  • Setanta

Starts at level 34, weak to fire, nulls electricity attacks. Skills: Fatal End, Zionga, Sharp Student, Counterstrike(36), Power Charge(38), Auto-Maraku(39), Null Fire(40). Setanta can be obtained by fusing Obariyon with Alraune or Garuda with Sandman or found in the Void Quest

  • Oukuninushi

Starts at level 41, reflects electricity attacks, weak to wind. Skills: Zionga, Blade of Fury, Counterstrike(43), Mazionga(44), Apt Pupil(45), Elec Boost(46), Null Wind(47). Oukuninushi can be found in the Secret Laboratory or obtained by fusing Ganga with Fuu-Ki, Alraune with Ose or Cybele with Titan.

  • Thoth

Starts at level 45, nulls electricity, reflects Hama spells but it’s weak to wind and darkness. Skills: Mazionga, Mahama, Megido, Mediarama(47), Growth 2(48), Null Silence(49), Ziodyne(51). Thoth can be found in the Secret Laboratory of obtained by fusing Alraune with Decarabia, Pazuzu with Parvati and Hitoko Nushi.

  • Pabilsag

Starts at level 51, nulls fire attacks, reflects darkness but weak to ice and Hama spells. Skills: Blight, Foolish Whisper, Stagnant Air(53), Silence Boost(54), Mudoon(55), Arrow Rain(56). Pabilsag can be found in Heaven or obtained by fusing Alraune with Shiki-Ouji

  • Barong

Starts at level 65, nulls electricity attacks, weak to wind. Skills: Ziodyne, Poison Mist, Me Patra, Marakukaja(67), Invigorate 2(69), High Counter(71), Maziodyne(72). Barong can be found in Magatsu Mandala or by fusing Belphegor with Lachesis, Trumpeter with Throne and Tao Tie or Mara with Belial

  • Odin

Starts at level 74, weak to fire, nulls thunder and absorbs wind attacks. Skills: Ziodyne, Magarudyne, Wind Amp(76), Regenerate 3(77), Maziodyne(78), Mind Charge(80), Panta Rhei(81). Odin can only be fused once the Emperor Social Link has been maxed: fuse Sandalphon with Helel or Loki with Vishnu and Kartikeya. You can exchange Kartikeya with Byakko if you wish.

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