Persona 4 Golden Fusion Guide: Death Arcana

The Death Arcana Personas in Persona 4 Golden have a high affinity with the darkness element: all of them learn some Mudo spells, together with status ailments boosts and spells. A few of the personas also learn physical skills and buffs, making them very good for random encounters against enemies without weaknesses. Here’s the full list of the Death Arcana personas, with starting level, weaknesses and resistances, skills and fusion recipes.

  • Ghoul

Starts from level 9, weak to fire and light, nulls ice. Skills: Bash, Poisma, Sukukaja(10), Enervation(11), Poisonous Skewer(12), Rakunda(13), Poison Boost(14). Ghould can be found in Yukiko’s Castle and Steamy Bathhouse.

  • Mokoi

Starts from level 14, nulls ice, weak to fire. Skills: Sonic Punch, Hysterical Slap, Dekaja, Valiant Dance(15), Rage Boost(16), Soul Break(18), Exhaust Boost(19). Mokoi can be found in the Steamy Bathhouse or obtained by fusing Sylph with Berith.

  • Matador

Starts from level 24, reflects darkness, weak to fire. Skills: Mamudo, Swift Strike, Dekunda, Mudo Boost(26), Rampage(27), Auto-Sukukaja(29), Survive Light(30). Matador can be found in the Marukyu Striptease or obtained by fusing Anzu with Berith.

  • Samael

Starts from level 36, resists ice, nulls thunder and drakness, weak to wind. Skills: Mudoon, Matarunda, Poison Mist, Dekunda(38), Megido(39), Mudo Boost(40), Survive Light(41). Samael can be found in the Void Quest or obtained by fusing Saki Mitama with Shiki Ouji or Queen Mab with Jack Frost.

  • Mot

Starts from level 46, nulls thunder, reflects darkness, weak to wind. Skills: Mudoon, Evil Smile, Tentarafoo, Survive Light(48), Ghastly Wail(49), Mudo Boost(50). Mot can be found in the Secret Laboratory or obtained by fusing Shiki Ouji with Sarasvati or Gabriel with Flauros.

  • White Rider

Starts from level 58, nulls fire and light, reflects darkness, weak to ice. Skills: Mudoon, Hamaon, Agidyne(60), Evade Ice(62), Mahamaon(63), Mamudoon(65), Hama Boost(66), Mudo Boost(67). White Rider can be found in Heaven or obtained by fusing Ares with Isis or Seiryuu with Hell Biker or Neko Shogun with Yatsufusa and Cu Chulain.

  • Alice

Starts from level 72, reflects darkenss, weak to light. Skills: Mamudoon, Mudo Boost, Dekunda, Endure Light(75), Megidola(76), Mind Charge(77), Die for Me!(79). Alice can only be obtained through fusion: use Nebiros and Belial in the fusion process.

  • Mahakala

Starts from level 78, absorbs fire, nulls darkness, reflects thunder. Skills: Agidyne, Myriad Arrows, Power Charge, Mind Charge(80), Maragidyne(82), Mamudoon(83), Fire Amp(84), Mudo Boost(85). Mahakala can only be fused after maxing the Death Social Link: use Matador, Daisojou, Mother Harlot, Trumpeter, Hell Biker and White Rider in the fusion process.


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