Persona 4 Golden Fusion Guide: Chariot Arcana

The Chariot Arcana personas in Persona 4: Golden are mostly aimed at physical attacks: they have good strength growth and poor magic stats. That’s not to say that they’re unbalanced though: some of the Chariot personas learn some decent offensive and healing spells, making them perfect for regular encounters also thanks to their resistance to physical attacks. Here’s the full list of Chariot Personas with starting level, skills and fusion recipes

  • Slime

Starts at level 2, resists physical attacks, weak to fire. Skills: Bash, Evil Touch, Tarunda(3), Red Wall(4), Fear Boost(5), Resist Physical(7). You can find Slime in Yukiko’s Castle

  • Nata Taishi

Starts at level 6, resists fire, weak to thunder. Skills: Bash, Rakunda, Dekunda, Sonic Punch(7), Dodge Ice(8), Resist Dizzy(9), Soul Break(10). Nata Taishi can be found in Yukiko’s Castle.

  • Eligor

Starts at level 12, resists physical attacks and darkness, weak to thunder. Skills: Poisonous Skewer, Agi, Maragi(13), Arm Chopper(14), Fire Boost(15), Soul Break(16), Resist Exhaust(17). Eligor can be found in the Steamy Bathhouse or obtained by fusing Pixie with Cu Sith.

  • Ara Mitama

Starts at level 18, resists physical attacks, weak to thunder. Skills: Assault Dive, Rakunda, Tarukaja(20), Sharp Student(21), Blue Wall(22), Dodge Elec(23). Ara Mitama can be found in the Steam Bathhouse and Marukyu Striptease. You can also fuse Obariyon with Anzu to obtain it.

  • Ares

Starts at level 25, resists physical attacks, nulls Hama spells, weak to wind. Skills: Gale Slash, Counter, Dodge Wind(27), Rampage(28), Dekaja(29), Power Charge(30). You can find Ares in the Marukyu Striptease or obtain it by fusing Yaksini with Matador.

  • Triglav

Starts at level 42, resists physical attacks, weak to thunder. Skills: Heat Wave, Counterstrike, Marakukaja(45), Mustard Bomb(46), Null Dizzy(47), Blue Wall(48), Power Charge(49). You can find Triglav in the Secret Laboratory or obtain it by fusing Shiisa with Shiki Ouji or Titania with Fuu-ki

  • Kin-Ki

Starts at level 54, nulls physical attacks. Skills: Vile Assault, High Counter, Gigantic Fist(56), Seal Bomb(57), Revolution(59), Power Charge(60). Kin-Ki can be found in Heaven or obtained by fusing Cu-Chulain with Yatagarasu or Yatsufusa with Gorgon and Yatagarasu

  • Thor

Starts at level 65, resists physical attacks, absorbs thunder, weak to wind. Skills: Ziodyne, Deathbound, High Counter, Arms Master(67), Maziodyne(68), Null Physical(69), Thunder Reign(70). Thor can be found in the Magatsu Mandala or obtained by fusing Jatayu with Hanuman or Taown with Hell Biker and Samael.

  • Atavaka

Starts at level 74, nulls physical and light attacks, weak to ice. Skills: Mahamaon, Diarahan, Amrita, Brave Blade(76), Megidolaon(77), Mind Charge(78), Arms Master(81). Atavaka can be found in the Yomotsu Hirasaka or obtained by fusing Cu Chulain, Asura, Horus and Mara together.

  • Futsunushi

Starts at level 80, resists physical attacks, with to Mudo spells. Skills: Primal Force, Power Charge, Matarukaja, Apt Pupil(82), Null Dizzy(83), Ali Dance(84), Arms Master(85), Firm Stance(86). Futsunushi can only be fused after maxing the Chariot Social Link: use Atavaka, Triglav, Kin-Ki, Ares and Neko Shogun for fusion.

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