Persona 4 Golden Fortune Social Link Guide

The Fortune Social link in Persona 4: Golden is probably gonna be one of the last you’ll unlock. The Social Link stars Naoto Shirogane, a character you’ll meet quite early during the game but that will join the party way later. You’ll be able to initiate the Fortune Social Link only after 10/21 and you’ll need to have both Knowledge and Courage stats maxed: talk to the man in the Northern part of town, the one in black clothes and choose the answer ‘I Know’. Go talk to Naoto afterwards in the first floor of the school and hand over the card. Like with the other party members, ranking up this Social Link will give you more benefits in battle, together with the usual experience bonuses when fusing personas of the Fortune Arcana. Once mastered Naoto’s persona will evolve into Yamato Takeru and you’ll be able to fuse the persona Norn, the strongest of the Fortune Arcana.


  • Prologue

N: What kind of person handed you this card?
Man with black clothes and sun glasses
Some guy who knows what you know
A weird guy

N: I’m afraid this guy is still in this town. I don’t want to involve you from now on
What do you mean…
Even you’re a girl, don’t be unreasonable
Let’s leave together


  • Rank 1

N: I’m afraid that’s a prank
Even so I’m worried
That’s absurd(*)

N: ……
What happened?
Okay if you’re not going home?
A thief visiting the home of inspectors?

N: That person couldn’t say anything, and I don’t have anything that would worry me if lost
You better pay attention to your surrounding
Have you ever felt being hunted?
Seems to be related to the card(*)


  • Rank 2

Naoto is holding a sealed letter
A challenge for a duel? (*)
A love letter?
That card business again…? (*)

N: How misleading… A sealed letter at a time like this…
You won’t read it?
What if it’s from a guy?
What’ll you do with it?


  • Rank 3

Naoto is holding a card…
Another love letter?
Is it a guy this time?
That “card” again? (*)

N: I haven’t the time to waste on this…
That’s right.(*)
Why so uncomfortable?
Running from a challenge?

N: But… to ignore it only makes me angry!
Good luck.
Let’s catch him together. (*)


  • Rank 4

N: “Eating letters with a red face”…? This is…
A ridde.
A mailbox. (*)
A goat.

N: Grampa had this? Why did he keep it…?
What was it?
Good, you got it back. (*, needs Understanding Rank 5)

N: I, er… I think I’ll let this play out… and, umm, if possible…
I guess I’ll help.
Let’s do it. (*)
You’re on your own. (This answer will cause the Social Link to go Reverse)


  • Rank 5

N: Why you, though…?
Because I looked reliable. (*)
Because we looked ‘close.’
Because I looked useless.

N: What is the “Down”, “Left”, “Left”, Down”
The lower left of the card seems to be suspicious
The lower left of the sentence seems to be suspicious
“Left” and “Down” seem to be suspicious (*)

N: ……
I’m glad you’re a girl. (This answer will make going into a romantic relationship easier)
Your gender doesn’t matter. (*)
Nothing you can do.


  • Rank 6

N: “Minus 2 times”, seems to be an important hint…
Looks like related to board games
Other cards must have some hidden secrets
Delete the word “2 times”?(*)

N: Looks like I am undergoing some changes, too.
Whatever Naoto it is, it’s still Naoto
Human beings change all the time naturally
Don’t be scared (*)


  • Rank 7

N: If we can do that well enough maybe we can take control of the scene
Don’t do anything dangerous
Sounds like a bit lonely (*)

The guy has drawn out a knife!
Protect Naoto (This answer will begin the romantic relationship)
Escape with Naoto
Fight back


  • Rank 8

N: My “favorite place”…?
Bright places
High places (*)
Quiet places

N: … the next one is… “things I’m bad at”… there are so many of them…
Must be sports
Throwing away things? (*)


  • Rank 9

N: You… how did you feel?
Easy win
I felt very excited(*)
I felt kinda defeated

N: Then MC, you have become my assistant!
Sure, just deploy me
Please give me a promotion!
No, you are my assistant

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