Persona 4: Golden Fool And Magician Social Link Guide

One of the most interesting aspects of Persona 4: Golden is the way characters, both main and minor, interact and develop during the game: most of these will come in the form of Social Links, special events which will take place during the whole game that must be activated by the player. Each Social Link can be improved up to rank 10: to each rank corresponds an experience bonus when fusing a Persona of the same arcana: at rank 10 the fused persona will usually get between 2 and 3 level ups from the bonus experience. Leveling up party members social links will also unlock some special abilities for them like taking a critical hit in place of the main characters, doing an instant kill attack after knocking down an enemy after a weakness hit and so on. Also, after a Social Link has been mastered you’ll get a special item which will unlock a special persona fusion for the strongest persona in that particular arcana. Social Links events are really good too so there’s really no downside to them!


  • Fool

The Fool Social Link is one of those links that don’t require any effort to max: it’s a story based link which will be automatically maxed near the final parts of the game, on 12/3 to be precise. Once maxed you’ll be able to fuse the Loki Persona.


  • Magician

The Magician Social Link stars Yosuke Hanamura, the first character joining your party and it’ll be your second Social Link unlocked, after the Fool one. There’s no prerequisite in unlocking it, it will become available on 4/16 automatically. You’ll find Yoshuke on the second floor corridor of the school on weekdays and at the Junes entrance on Sundays and holidays: he’s available every Monday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Once the Magician Social Link has been mastered, Yosuke’s persona will evolve into Susano-O and you’ll be able to fuse the Mada persona. Here’s the list of all answers available during rank up events: the ones that give more points towards a rank up are marked with a “*”.

Rank 1

Y: Sorry about that. You know me, I’m infamous around here”
It must be tough (*)
You’re bragging about it?
Why are you infamous?


Rank 2

Y: … I don’t know why can’t I get more acquainted with Teddie
Teddie is just like Yousuke
Teddie is so cute
Speaking about that, the hair… (*)
Y: Can’t figure out the address, those spams just keep coming
Can’t you block it?
What if you change your address?
You really can’t do anything about it


Rank 3

Y: Phew, I’m beat… I’m not the complaints department…
That must be hard
Don’t strain yourself
You’re incredible (*)

Y: I have to do what I can…
That’s the spirit! (*)
Don’t get too excited
What can you do…?


Rank 4

Y: …uh? The usual stuff is under the futon, as I expected
Naturally (*)
What’s up with this?
What about Yousuke?

Y: Speaking about that, have you seen any girls around here?
Soon (*)


Rank 5

But hey, I’m glad you were there! Thanks.
No problem.
Tell me next time!
It was fun. (*)

Y: So… there’s no need to bother with outsiders.
You’re right.
Man, you’re mature. (*)
No need to hold back…


Rank 6

They started to badmouth Saki-senpai…
Shut up!
Calm down, man… (need Tolerance Rank 3)
I feel bad for Saki-senpai. (need Communication Rank 3)

Y: I just blurted out a buncha crap, huh?
You were just upset. (*)
Feel better now?
I know how it is.


Rank 7

Y: Even though! Even though…
She dumped you?
She died?

Y: Senpai… sorry. MC… sorry
Just take it slow.
I understand…
Don’t apologize.


Rank 8

Yousuke gave a lonely smile
Hey cheer up (*)
Thinking about Senpai again?
Be a man and don’t shilly-shally

Y: You were born, and you live, and suddenly you realized you have become special to someone
Yeah (*)
That’s not the case
I don’t know that very well


Rank 9

I like you for that, and I’m proud of you… But I guess I was jealous at the same time.
I didn’t know.
It can’t be helped.
‘I guess’?

Will hitting Yosuke make you and him equal…?
Hitting you won’t do that.
Then let’s get equal!


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