Persona 4 Golden Fool Arcana Personas Guide

While covering the remaining Social Link, we’ll start looking into some more of the game’s mechanics, analyzing all the Personas available in the game. In this guide we’ll cover the Fool Arcana, powered up by the investigation team Social Link. The Fool Personas are pretty varied, with weakness and resistances all spread out on every element. I’ll be including all the basic information on each persona, together with all skills and fusions.

  • Izanagi

It’s your starting persona, weak to wind with electricity resistance, it can null darkness attacks. Skills: Zio, Cleave, Rakukaja, Rakunda(3), Tarukaja(5).

  • Yomotsu Shikome

Starting at level 7, it’s weak to fire and resistant to ice attacks. Skills: Poisma, Skewer, Evil Touch, Sukunda(9), Mudo(10), Ghastly Wail(11). It can be found in Yukiko’s Castle and Steamy Bath house or obtained by fusing Izanagi with Apsaras.

  • Obariyon

Starting at level 13, it’s highly resistant to physical and fire attacks. Skills:  Sonic Punch, Tarukaja, Dekaja, Muzzle Shot(14), Silence Boost(15), Resist Physical(17), Single Shot(18). It can be found in the Steamy Bath house or by fusing Slime with Sandman and Ghoul.

  • Legion

Starting at level 21, it has fire,ice and dark resistances but light weakness. Skills: Tentarafoo, Mudo, Evil Smile, Rampage(23), Confuse Boost(24), Foul Breath(25), Survive Light(26). It can be found in the Marukyu Striptease or by fusing Obariyon with Ose, both of the Fool Arcana.

  • Ose

Starting at level 31, it has physical resistance, light weakness and completely nulls wind attacks. Skills: Power Slash, Atom Smasher, Power Charge, Poison Mist(33), Poison Boost(34), Auto-Sukukaja(35), Survive Light(36). It can only be obtained through fusion: King Frost with High Pixie and Rakshasa or Decarabia with Shiki Ouji.

  • Black Frost

Starting at level 38, it absorbs fire and ice attacks and reflects back darkness attacks. Skills: Maragion, Bufula, Ice Boost, Mind Charge(40), Masukunda(41), Fire Amp(42), Agidyne(43), Mudoon(44). It can be obtained through a Star Spread Fusion:  Pyro Jack, Jack Frost, King Frost, Pixie, Ghoul.

  • Decarabia

Starting at level 46, it’s weak to fire attacks, nulls electricity and light attacks and resists wind attacks. Skills: Agidyne, Matarunda, Tetrakarn, Evade Physical(48), Megidola(50), Fire Amp(51), Resist Physical(52). It can be found in the Secret Laboratory and obtained by fusing Thoth with Neko Shogun and Black Frost or Neko Shogun with  Pazuzu and Yomotsu Ikusa or Yatagarasu with Gdon and Gorgon.

  • Shiki Ouji

Starting at level 56, it nulls fire and ice attacks but it’s weak to wind attacks. Skills: Navas Nebula, Matarunda, Revolution, Apt Pupil(58), Growth 2(59), Null Physical(62). It can be found in Heaven or obtained by fusing Black Frost with Dis and White Rider or Gorgon with Suiki and White Rider.

  • Loki

Starting at level 64, it’s weak to fire, absorbs ice attacks nulls darkness attacks. Skills: Bufudyne, Rakukaja, Sharp Student, Ice Amp(66), High Counter(67), Mabufudyne(68), Null Fire(69), Niflheim(70). It can only be obtained by fusion, after maxing the Fool Social Link: Decarabia with Nidhoggr and Mother Harlot; Ishtar with Isis and Horus; Ishtar with Shiki Ouji and Vasuki; Trumpeter with Black Frost and Byakko.


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