Persona 4: Golden Empress Social Link And Requests Guide

The Empress Social link in Persona 4: Golden has a different level up method: you won’t get a rank up by improving the bond through events but by simply completing some requests obtainable in the Velvet Room.
The Empress Social Link stars Margaret, Igor’s assistant, who wishes for the players to fulfill her simple requests to show her your power in creating Personas. Things probably won’t be too easy: you’ll have to fuse specific Personas having a particular skill to complete the request; to be honest it was harder in the original game since you can choose which skills to inherit in the PsVita port during persona fusion.

To initiate the Social Link you’ll need a Rank 3 Knowledge: once you do visit the Velvet Room after 5/19. Ranking up the Empress Social Link won’t make time go forward but be careful to complete it before the last day of the game. Note that some of these requests can only be completed after 7/20, when 4 and 5 personas fusions will be available.

  • Rank 2

Fuse Ippon-datara with Sukukaja skill

Temperance Sylph (Sukukaja) + Justice Archangel
Temperance Sylph (Sukukaja) + Devil Lilim
Temperance Sylph (Sukukaja) + Sun Cu Sith

  • Rank 3

Fuse Matador with Mahama skill

Hierophant Anzu (Lv19: Mahama) + Hanged man Berith
Justice Principality (Lv21: Mahama)/Power (Mahama) + Emperor Oberon + Priestess Saki Mitama
Justice Power (Mahama) + Moon Andras + Hierophant Omoikane

Rank 4

Fuse Gdon with Rampage skill

Death Matador (Lv27: Rampage) + Hermit Ippon-datara (Lv21: Rampage)
Chariot Ares (Lv28: Rampage) + Hierophant Shiisaa
Fool Legion (Lv23: Rampage) + Chariot Ares

  • Rank 5

Fuse Neko-shogun with Bufula skill

  1. Emperor King Frost (Bufula) + Magician Hua Po = Strength Kusi Mitama (Bufula)
  2. Chariot Ara Mitama + Strength Kusi Mitama (Bufula) + Priestess Saki Mitama + Temperance Nigi Mitama
  • Rank 6

Fuse Black Frost with Auto-Sukukaja skill

  1. Hierophant Anzu (Lv20: Auto-Sukukaja) + Temperance Apsaras/Sylph = Magician Jack Frost (Auto-Sukukaja)
  2. Magician Pyro Jack + Magician Jack Frost (Auto-Sukukaja) + Emperor King Frost + Magician Pixie + Death Ghoul
  • Rank 7

Fuse Yatagarasu with Megido skill

  1. Tower Tao Tie (Megido) + Sun Cu Sith = Chariot Ares (Megido)
  2. Chariot Ares(Megido) + Fool Black Frost
  • Rank 8

Fuse Yatsufusa with Mediarama skill

Emperor Thoth (Lv47: Mediarama) + Hanged man Orthrus + Hanged man Makami + Sun Narasimha + Hermit Mothman

  • Rank 9

Fuse Ganesha with Tetrakarn skill

Fool Decarabia (Tetrakarn) + Tower Cu Chulainn

  • Rank 10

Fuse Trumpeter with Mind Charge skill

Death Matador + Death White Rider + Hierophant Daisoujou + Emperor Pabilsag + Hanged man Taowu + Tower Tao Tie (Lv38: Mind Charge)

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