Persona 4 Golden Emperor Social Link Guide

The Emperor Social Link, just like the Magician and Priestess links, features a party member, the young deliquent Kanji Tatsumi. Like the other party members based Social Links, ranking up the Emperor Link will unlock more abilities for Kanji in battle which will be used automatically if certain conditions are met: he’ll take a critical hit for you, he’ll take down an enemy who suffered a weakness hit with a follow up attack, heal status ailments and resist a deathblow which would have taken him down.

To initiate his Social Link you’ll have to wait after 6/9, when he’ll be fully recovered from his Tv World ordeal: in the second floor of the school, speak to a female student talking about an incident involving Kanji. Go talk to him in the practice building of the school and an event will begin:
K: Ah, you came to insult me or something like that?
Not exactly, but close
Just want to know your side of the story
K: Senpai, are you suspecting me!?
I asked because I want to trust you
Don’t misread my intention
K: Well… I’ve probably caused you a lot of trouble
Everyone does things like that.
It’s fine.
I don’t think it was trouble at all
No matter the answer you’ll give, the Emperor Social Link will become active: you can find Kanji on the first floor of the practice building on weekdays and in the northern part of town during holidays. Once leveled to the maximum rank, Kanji’s persona will evolve into Rokuten Maou and the best persona of the Emperor Arcana, Odin, will become available for fusion.


  • Rank 1

K: My mom is always bowing down and apologizing because of me, so she is getting more grey hair…
Go apologize to her seriously
Maybe you should change (*)
All kids give their parents headache


  • Rank 2

K: ……
Get ahold of yourself
Let’s hurry
What happened?
K: Sorry. Looks like it was no big deal.
That’s good
I don’t blame you
You wuss

Kanji’s mother: Even when he was little, he never became close to those around him and has never had friends like you.
Maybe it’s his interests?
Maybe it’s the look?
Maybe it’s his personality?


  • Rank 3

K: Eh… when you visited my mom at the hospital, did you ask anything… about me?
Yeah, totally (*)
Not particularly
I forgot

K: Em… I’ll be right back
Violence is bad
I’ll go with you (*)

K: Ah… I’m sorry. I got you into this trouble…
Too bad that we couldn’t find it
That was tedious
You told him you’d give him a new one? (*)


  • Rank 4

K: Er…
Just tell him the truth.
This old man here made it.

K: Hah, he said I’m cool…
It was pretty amazing. (*)
Don’t get cocky.


  • Rank 5

K: Stange situation I got myself into, ain’t I?
It’s good for you. (*)
You’re not happy?
Looks like a pain…


  • Rank 6

K: That okay with you, “big bro”?
Don’t call me ‘bro.
Yeah, go ahead.
I want to learn too. (*)

K: There’s something else I gotta confront too, ain’t there?
Your weak heart.
Your past.
I’m drawing a blank.


  • Rank 7

Police: …Come with me.
On what charges?
Kanji didn’t do anything. (*, needs Courage Rank 4)
You got a warrant? (*, needs Knowledge Rank 4)

Police: Hmph, so you admit it. Not a shred of remorse, either.
It’s a misunderstanding.
He was just being nice.

What a load of… There’s no way you’re getting me to believe that.
Believe it! (*, needs Communication R4)
The truth is the truth.
Tell him, Kanji. (best answer if the first one is unavailable)


  • Rank 8

K: It’s the first time I went on my own… Well, I had a lot to tell him.
Tell him?
Why didn’t you go before?
How was it? (*)

As long as there’s someone like that snot-nosed kid to accept me, I ain’t afraid of nothing!
Good for you. (*)
Find more of them.
Your ‘own self’?

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