Persona 4 Golden Chariot Social Link Guide

The Chariot Social Link in Persona 4 Golden stars Chie Satonaka, another party member. The link wuill be initiated automatically on 4/18 so it’s impossible to miss: Chie will be available on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. You’ll find her on the School’s Rooftop on weekdays and in the Town’s Central Area during holidays.
Just like the other party members, you’ll unlock more special abilities which will be used in battles when certain conditions are met, like being in a critical condition, under a status ailment and so on. Once the Chariot Social Link is mastered, Chie’s persona will evolve into Suzuka Gongen and you’ll be able to fuse Futsunushi, the strongest Persona of the Chariot Arcana.


  • Rank 1

C: However, this is just something that accompanies with practice
True (*)
Is there a meaning?

C: … No?
OK (*)
Well… guess I don’t have other choice
No, too much trouble
Rank 2

C: But me, I totally lose it… Kinda funny, huh?
It’s cute (*, needs Courage rank 3)
It’s very feminine (Best answer if the first one isn’t available)
It’s hilarious


  • Rank 3

C: W-Well…
None of your business (Best answer if the third one is not available)
Quit bagging on her (*, needs Courage Rank 3)

What to do?
Crack a joke (Best answer if the thrd one is not available)
Badmouth Takeshi
Hold Chie’s hand (*, needs Courage Rank 3)


  • Rank 4

C: Mmmm… The meat and rice just flow through my veins…
Wolfing it down, huh?
Looks delicious (*)
You look so happy

C: I hope she’s not straining herself. Makes you worry, huh?
I’ll look out for her
Yukiko isn’t that weak
I worry more for you (*, also improves Tolerance)


  • Rank 5

C: What cowards, ganging up on the weak like that!
Exactly (*)
It’s eat or be eaten

C: We’ll grab ’em and make them apologize! Right, Leader?
Of course (*)
Let the police handle it
What a pain…


  • Rank 6

Things aren’t looking good…
Hold Chie back. (Needs Courage Rank 4)
Fight them yourself.

C: I charged in by myself… Caused you trouble…
It’s no trouble. (*)
I’m used to it.
Just think next time.


  • Rank 7

C: I feel like I missed the point…
There’s still time.
That’s the first step. (*)
It’s hard to face yourself.


  • Rank 8

Things aren’t looking good…
Let Chie do her thing.
Shield Chie.
Fight with Chie.

C: …Was that stupid of me?
It all turned out okay.
You protected that kid. (*)
That was reckless.

What to do?
Feel free to involve me (This answer will initiate a romantic relationship)
Please also look after me


  • Rank 9

C: … we are always teammates… that’s it!
We can be more than that

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