Persona 4 Golden Basic Dungeons and Grinding Strategy Guide

Before getting some in-depth info about Social Links, Personas and secrets, we will cover some of the basics of Persona 4: Golden so that you’ll be able to manage your time more wisely during your first playthrough. It may even be possible for you to

Dungeons and Grinding

Starting from April 17 you’ll finally be able to play the game fully, starting with Yukiko’s Castle Dungeon. A lot of people playing the game for the first time tend to spend a lot of time in dungeons, grinding characters and Personas and especially if you’re playing in Normal Mode, that’s kinda pointless: most of the times you won’t need any grinding! A sound and balanced strategy is way better than wasting day after day in the same dungeon fighting the same enemies that will soon start giving less experience; also, don’t get too fixated on learning all the skills a low level Persona may learn since Personas available at later levels will probably get that skill without putting too much effort and even better versions of that same skill. Start understanding the Fusion mechanics and fuse Personas that can receive the highest bonus for their respective Social Link.

To put it simply, you should explore a dungeon the day it is revealed as much as you can and then come back to it the last 4 to 2 days before the final deadline. There’s a reason for this: during the first venture inside the dungeon, you’re sure to get some shuffle times and obtain new Personas; by the time you’ll be back into the dungeon later you’ll have had the chance to level up some Social Links which will aid you in your Fusion ventures: you’ll get some better Personas without grinding at all. This strategy is even more effective in Persona 4 Golden since players can choose which skills will be inherited: with the weakness system skills are much more important than stats. You may also want to be bolder and reverse this strategy by completing the Dungeon as soon as you can but it’s gonna be hard without taking advantage of the social skills bonuses and there’s absolutely no bonus in doing so, just making your life harder in the game without a reason. If you really want to spend an extra day grinding, wait until you reach the last floor of each dungeon where the strongest enemies are located, giving more experience and money after being defeated.

By employing this strategy you’ll also have more days available forĀ  improving your stats which are fundamental to unlock more advanced Social Links.

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