Persona 4 Golden Aeon Social Link Guide

The Aeon Arcana was present in Persona 3 Fes and Portable, starring one of the main characters in the game, the anti Shadow weapon Aigis. The Arcana was mysteriously absent in Persona 4: now it’s back in Persona 4 Golden and it’s tied to one of the new characters introduced in PsVita port. The Aeon Social Link stars Marie, the new resident of the Velvet Room. The events around her will focus on the player helping Marie recovering her lost memories and making her know more about the world outside of the Velvet Room. To initiate the link, you’ll have to visit the Velvet Room from April 18th onwards: if the event doesn’t start, exit and enter the room again. Marie will be available on Wednesdays, Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays but not on rainy days. Maxing the Aeon Social Link will allow you to fuse the strongest Persona of the arcana, Kaguya and unlock a new dungeon called the Hollow Forest, available on February 13th.

  • Rank 1

Pick any answer, they all have the same effect

  • Rank 2

Same as rank 1, any answer will grant you the same amount of points

  • Rank 3

Marie: Hey, what do you do in the city?
Play Around
There’s nothing to do

Yukiko: Chie, they might already have plans of thier own. Don’t just assume they can come along at a moment’s notice.
I don’t mind
If you want too…

Chie is holding a green shirt
I don’t know
I think it’s good
That’s an eye catching color.

Chie: Why don’t we all go together, then? The four of us
Of course
If you want to…

Chie: Well… I don’t really know. The meaning of friendship…? Hmmm…
There’s meaning
You’ll know once you have one

Marie: Huh? Me too?
Let’s hurry (*)
You’re not going? (*)
It’ll sell out

  • Rank 4

Marie: You don’t get tired of it?
It’s fun (*)
It’s pretty much my duty (*)
I skip it sometimes

Yosuke: What are you guys doing? Out on a stroll?
I’m showing her the school
Come with us

Marie: I don’t get it. Do Green and Red do that, too?
Of course
You spend youth with everyone

Marie: Face yourself…
Let it go
Let’s spend our youths
Wondering about your “true self”?

  • Rank 5

You’ll have to wait until Rise has joined you. Feel free to choose any answer you like, they’ll give you the same amount of points

  • Rank 6

Marie: So, about my memories… What do you think I should do?
Are there any clues?
I don’t know
First, meditate

Marie: … Will this help?
It’s made of bamboo (*)
Is it sold somewhere (*)

What store around here might deal in old combs like that?
Tatsumi Textiles
Marukyu Tofu

Rise: Huh? Wait… Don’t tell me the two of you are on a date
It’s not like that
We have business here
Of course it’s a date

Kanji: So, what do you want from me? You need me to figure out where this thing came from?
Can you?
Anything will help

Marie grimaces
Do you remember something?
Does your stomach hurt?

  • Rank 7

Choose any answer you like since the outcome will still be the same

  • Rank 8

Same as Rank 7, any answer you pick will be fine

  • Rank 9

Marie: I had fun then. Tale me there again sometimes, ok?
You remember
I thought you forgot
That’s a memory

Marie: Hey, can we make more? More memories
I’ll help
It’s up to you
Don’t forget ’em

Marie: … Why?
Because I love you ( This answer will help begin a lovers relationship)
Because you’re mu friend

Marie: … I won’t believe just words
Hug Her (Lovers relationship)
Don’t Hug Her

  • Rank 10

Marie is looking around your room
What’s wrong?
Don’t snoop around

Marie: Memories are so fun, I won’t care about the past anymore
Leave it to me
Lots of memories won’t do it

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