Paper Mario: Sticker Star Secret Blue Doors Location Guide Part 2

In the first part of the guide we covered the secret doors located in the first two worlds of the game. Now we’ll go on in our search in the remaining worlds: always be on the lookout since the door outline will help you locate the place you’ll have to use the door sticker on.

  • World 3

3-1: The first door is right before the rotating log, on the back wall: inside you’ll find the Searchlight Thing.

3-2: During the Bafflewood part, go to the right, left, right, right. You’ll get into a room which has a door outline in the south-eastern part: grab the Violin Thing inside.

3-3: Inside Wiggler’s house there’s a secret door near the rings of logs: an HP-UP Heart awaits you inside.

3-4: In the last area of the stage get over the fence and go south: you’ll find the door outline hiding the Drum Thing.

3-5: In the first area of the stage go right: there’s a door outline behind the Boomerang Bro. There’s a Pillow Thing behind this secret blue door.

3-6: Go to the south in the area under Toad’s Shop and you’ll find the door outline with a Fishhook Thing inside.

3-7: Get up to where you found the Hammer the first time you were here: there’s a door outline on the back all with the Upright Vacuum Thing inside.

3-8: This one’s hard to miss since the outline is in the beginning area: enter and collect the Tape Thing.

3-9: In the second area there are two logs with health power ups: head north of them and you’ll see the door outline near the second pool. Quite a few stickers are inside: Burnhammer, Chillhammer, Baahammer Sticker, Shiny Fire Flower, Shiny Ice Flower and Shiny POW Block.

3-10: The door outline is in the same room as the Comet Star, on top of the boxes: the Square Can Thing is located inside.

3-11: The door outline in this stage is located in the same area as the hidden entrance on the poison hole, to the far left: some golden coins and a Balloon Thing are inside.

3-12: The last door outline for World 3 is in the same area that Wiggler drops you off. Go to the left and onto the platform over the poison: collect the Newspaper Thing inside.

  • World 4

4-1: Go right at the beginning: go on a bit and you’ll see the outline near the snow slide. The Cell Phone thing is inside.

4-2: In the first cave you’ll face an Ice Bro: near him there’s a platform with the outline. Cross the waterfall and go right to fall on the platform with the door. The Hair Dryer Thing is inside.

4-3: Get into the mansion and enter the first door to the right: once inside go through the door in front of you and keep going. Once you reach a set of stairs climb them and at the top is the door outline. No prize this time, just a quick travel warp to Decalburg.

4-4: No door available.

4-5: The door is right past the Ice Bro at the beginning: inside is the Flashlight thing.

4-6: In the area with all the shy guys there are two doors with one missing a piece: the missing piece is the secret door. No reward for this one.

  • World 5

5-1: Get to the part where you are eaten after going after the shy guy, jump over the plant and head to the back to find the door outline: inside is the Tailor Shears Thing.

5-2: Go towards the wall in the beginning and keep going: after a bit you’ll see the door outline with the Mini Vacuum Thing inside.

5-3: The outline is close to the location of the first star comet: jump over the fence and head to the left. Inside the door is the Luxurious Bed Thing

5-4: Get to the waterfall and enter the door: inside the next area keep going forward until you see the three invisible blocks. Get on the top of the slicers and keep going ahead until you can jump on a platform and see the door outline. The Air Conditioner Thing is inside.

5-5: The door is past the frozen lake: the Basin Thing is inside.

5-6: Once inside the volcano, go across the bridge and get on the giant lava platform: once at the top head left and on the other side of the cave is the door with the Guitar Thing Inside

  • World 6

6-1: No door available

6-2: Get inside the first door you see on the ship: get to the end of the room to find the final Blue Secret Door, with the Shiny Line Jump, Shiny POW Block, Shiny Hurlhammer, Megaflash Jump Stickers.

6-3: Final Boss time! No doors available.

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