Paper Mario: Sticker Star Megaflash Stickers Location Guide

Megaflash stickers are the most powerful attack stickers available in Paper Mario: Sticker Star, dealing the most damage for their ability type. They’re hidden all over the worlds, with some of them stored inside the Secret Blue Doors. As usual we’re here to help you all sticker collectors out there by giving you the exact location of all the Megaflash Stickers

  • Megaflash Hammer

In world 2-2 search behind a panel below the balcony in the room where you encounter the Hammer Bros. Description: a hammer with ultimate attack power. The main target and its neighbors get seriously BONKED.

  • Megaflash Line Jump

In world 4-6 on the ledge below the place where you fight the Boss after taking the Royal Sticker. Description: the strongest sticker in the Line Jump line. Enjoy the megapower as you stomp each enemy up to three times!

  • Megaflash Hurlhammer

In world 5-1 you’ll find the sticker in the area with the second red flower, behind the hammer bro. Description: a big, pretty, very hurlable hammer. In fact, it’s almost too pretty to hurl. Good thing you put it in here.

  • Megaflash Infinijump

In world 5-3 you’ll have to get to the right of the pillars inside the room with the Comet Piece. Description: an attack said to bring enlightenment if you make your mind blank and become one with your jump.

  • Megaflash Eekhammer

Release the raft at the beginning of world 5-4 by hitting the stake with the hammer and ride it to the right. Description: a megasized attack that packs a serious wallop for a toy. Get in five strikes for perfection.

  • Megaflash Baahammer

There’s a hidden warp pipe to the right of the platforms in the main room of the third floor in world 5-4. Description: a hammer attack with good power that also puts foes to bed. If you mess up the timing, though, that’s baaaaaaaad.

  • Megaflash Burnhammer

In the first area of world 5-5 enter the secret room behind the rock close to the entrance to the second area of the stage. Description: Strongest Fire-based Hammer attack. Does not work against flying enemies. If using a Timed Attack, a fiery shockwave can damage adjacent ground enemies.

Megaflash Iron Jump

In the fifth area of world 5-5 stand under the X at the top of the hill: wait until you see a shadow and them move away. Description: an extreme stomp attack that crushes any spiked enemy. This thing is almost not fair in battle.

Megaflash Slaphammer

You’ll get this megaflash sticker the same was as the Megaflash Iron Jump. Two for the price of none, not bad huh? Description: an attack whose mighty swing punishes foes, launching them dramatically and often making them dizzy.

Megaflash Clone Jump

Pound the stake to the right on the third floor during world 5-6. Description: an attack that unleashes the four strongest Marios and delivers a strong crumpling effect. Wow.

Megaflash Jump

Enter the final Blue Secret Door in the first cabin of the ship. Description: A big strong, shiny attack blessed with great power and solid crumpling ability. Tell me this thing doesn’t look cool.

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