New Super Mario Bros U World 8 Peach’s Castle Star Coins Guide

It’s finally time: we have reached the last world of New Super Mario Bros U and we’ll also finally complete getting all the Star Coins in the game. It was a fun ride, wasn’t it?

  • Peach’s Castle

Meteor Moat

  1. This Star Coin is easy to get, since it’s in plain sight: just avoid the lava.
  2. This one is pretty easy too, you can get it easily right before the first checkpoint.
  3. You can get this Star Coin by wall kicking or just by freezing a beatle and throw it against the coin. The second method is way easier.

Magma River Cruise

  1. Easy one: just jump and get it as soon as you see it.
  2. This one’s not too hard as well: just hit the POW block and the Coin will fall.
  3. Easy one as well: wait for the ride to stop and get into the green pipe.

Rising Tides Of Lava

  1. The last world is full of easy Star Coins: this one is in plain view and pretty easy to reach.
  2. The Second Star Coin is right before the checkpoint: get a good running distance and run!
  3. The last Star Coin is near the arrow sign pointing right: between the two ? blocks is a bean stalk. Climb it and get your coin.

Fire Fall Cliffs

  1. As soon as you see the POW block, hit it to make the first Star Coin for the stage fall from the sky.
  2. After the checkpoint, you’ll see a climbable wall: climb it quickly to get the Star Coin.
  3. After the Green Coin loop and the squirrel suit, there’s another climbing section: stay on the right side, avoid the fireballs and get the Star Coin.

Red Hot Elevator Ride

All the Star Coins here are in plain view and not too hard to get. The only one that may give you some troubles is the second one, located after the second P button: push it and get quickly to the right to get the coin.

The Final Battle

  1. Finally the last 3 Star Coins: the first one is in plain view, just wall kick and get it.
  2. This Coin is under some blocks, just make Bowser Jr crush the blocks and clear the path
  3. The last Star Coin in the game is also an easy one: as soon and you see it just wall jump and you’ll be set!


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