New Super Mario Bros U World 7 Meringue Clouds Star Coins Guide Part 3

Haven’t had enough of collecting all the Star Coins in New Super Mario Bros U yet, have you? We’re going to keep exploring World 7 Meringue Clouds and gather coins.

  • Meringue Clouds

A Quick Dip In The Sky

  1. The first Star Coin of the stage is in plain sight after two giant piranha plants: you’ll have to be quick to avoid getting damaged by the plants.
  2. This coin is right after the checkpoint, in a hidden cave. Use the green pipe to shoot Mario right into the Coin and inside a water bubble.
  3. The third coin is right after the second one: you’ll see a bubble with the Star Coin inside, surrounded by two fuzzies. You’re going almost for sure to get damages so make sure you’re at least in Super Mario form.

Snaking Above Mist Valley

  1. A Star Coin in plain sight and an easy one as well: just get it as soon as you can reach it.
  2. This one is an easy coin as well: it’s gonna be visible without any trouble and you can also reach it without doing anything complicated. Developers must have been feeling generous when placing the coins here.
  3. This coin is a bit trickier to get: the squirrel suit will help you greatly. Let the snake get past the Star Coin and the moment he goes down, jump and hover: you should be landing on the snake again after getting the coin.

Ludwig’s Clockwork Castle

  1. The squirrel suit is needed for this Star Coin: it’s in an alcove near two platforms. Hover and get the coin.
  2. The second star coin is past the checkpoint, near an hammer bro and a POW block. Use it and the Star Coin will drop.
  3. The last Star Coin is right in plain sight and you won’t have any problem getting it, it’s right before the door to the boss.

Boarding the Airship

  1. The first Star Coin can be obtained easily with the Squirrel Suit: let the hand smash and then hover to get the coin.
  2. For this coin and the next you’ll be needing the squirrel suit: before the second checkpoint you’ll see it between the fires. Be quick and get it!
  3. The last Star Coin for world 7 is right after the second: get the past the fires and you’ll see it. Hover and grab it!


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