New Super Mario Bros U World 7 Meringue Clouds Star Coins Guide Part 2

In the previous part of the guide we covered the first two stages of World 7 in New Super Mario Bros U, Meringue Clouds. Now we’ll move on with more stages and Star Coins.

  • Meringue Clouds

Switchback Hill

  1. The first Star Coin is in plain sight, but requires some skill in changing the platforms to get to it. The platforms will move in the opposite directions when Mario in on them so plan your strategy accordingly.
  2. This coin is up a wall near a bullet bill cannon: use a bullet bill to boost your jump and wall jump in the pipe right up.
  3. The last coin is close to the end of the stage: wait for it to fall from the platform and then get it.

Slide Lift Tower

  1. The first Star Coin for this stage is in plain sight right before the checkpoint and it won’t be too hard for you to get it.
  2. This coin is past the checkpoint and the fire bros: you’ll notice 4 coins in the right corner of the screen, together with a pipe. I was able to get inside the pipe with a squirrel suit and I don’t know if there any other way.
  3. Exit the pipe where you found the second star coin and wall kick from an invisible wall to reach another pipe. Once inside you’ll have to go past some rotating slide lifts: be patient and also be prepared to take some damage if you rush things.

Spinning Spirit House

  1. The first star coin is inside a room with a punch man: let it break the blocks and reveal the Star Coin.
  2. To get this coin, go back into the main room fo the house and enter the right door: go for the coin and it will move, just follow it quickly to get it before it becomes unreachable.
  3. Star Coin number 3 is right before the exit: in the room before the end there’s an invisible wall to the right. Just wall jump to get up and obtain the last Star Coin for this stage.

Bouncy Cloud Boomerangs

  1. Easy one: once you see it just wall kick of the pipes and get it, hassle free.
  2. Once on the block bridge, you’ll have to fall onto one of the clouds and start breaking the block making up the bridge, revealing a Beanstalk. Climb it and then use the POW block to finally get your Star Coin.
  3. Another easy one in plain sight: dispose of the boomerang bros and grab the final Star Coin for the stage.


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