New Super Mario Bros U World 6 Rock Candy Mines Star Coins Guide Part 2

Let’s continue getting all the Star Coins in World 6, Candy Rock Mines, in New Super Mario Bros U. As we go on with the game, the worlds start becoming huge so we’re not quite done with World 6 yet. Let’s go, coin collectors!


  • Candy Rock Mines

Light Blocks, Dark Towers

  1. This is somewhat of a special stage, requiring you to have an invincibility star on at all times to see the full stage. The first star coin will be visible with the star active, right after you get the first one from a ? block.
  2. After the first Star Coin, check the first yellow pipe you meet and get inside: the star will be above some koopas and you’ll need them to boost your jump.
  3. The last star coin for the stage is close to the fire bro, at the top of the stage and to the right, close to the ending of the stage.

Walking Piranha Plants

  1. The first coin is close to an area with 3 platforms, the plants and a koopa. Take the koopa’s shell and throw it to the left: follow it closely and you’ll notice it will bounce off a block. Slide down and you’ll reach the Star Coin.
  2. The squirrel suit is needed to get this coin but don’t worry, you’ll get one from a block close to the first star coin. Use it to fly inside the gaps in the ceiling: the star coin is in the upper area.
  3. The squirrel suit is needed for this coin as well: it’s in plain view not too far from the stage’s end. Hover and get the coin.

Thrilling Spine Coaster

  1. Being a fast moving stage, you’ll have to be fast to get all the Star Coins in a single go: the first one is after a set of coins near the beginning. Jump quickly to get it.
  2. The second coin is after the descending part, after 3 spike enemies
  3. The last coin is after the last invincibility star: take down the row of enemies and get the Star Coin.

Screw Top Tower

  1. While going up you’ll see a yellow pipe: to reach the pipe you’ll have to make some hidden blocks appear. Once inside use the notes to hit the POW block and make the Star Coin fall from above.
  2. This coin is in plain view, just be careful in avoiding the lava.
  3. The last star coin is close to the final door of the stage: take down the stomp stomp, jump on the platform to keep making hidden blocks appear and after a while you’ll see the Star Coin.

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