New Super Mario Bros U World 6 Rock Candy Mines Star Coins Guide Part 1

Time to beginning collecting the Star Coins located in world 6 of New Super Mario Bros U, Rock Candy Mines.


  • Rock Candy Mines

Fuzzy Clifftop

  1. The first coin is in plain view and easy to get with Yoshi’s help: simpy hover to get it
  2. To get to the pipe leading to the second coin, right before the checkpoint, you’ll need to use Yoshi’s hover ability. Without it, it’s rather hard to get to the pipe
  3. The third coin of this stage requires Yoshi as well: it’s in the area with a lot of piranha plants. Eat them with Yoshi and reach the Star Coin with ease.

Porncupuffer Falls

  1. The first coin is near the sign pointing down: jump on the right platform and then jump again to reveal an invisible block. Use it to get over the wall and to get the coin.
  2. A bit after the checkpoint you’ll see two red pipes with a small opening between them: only mini Mario can make it down undamaged.
  3. The last star coin of the stage is right above the random item block: jump on the block and then jump again to reveal a hidden beanstalk. Get all the coins and in the end you’ll see the Star Coin as well.

Grind Stone Tower

  1. After you get the mini mushroom keep going up and you’ll see a red pipe: go the left and into the mini green pipe.
  2. After getting coin number 1, go to the left until you see a wall: the star coin is close by.
  3. Once you’re pretty close to the top of the tower, you’ll see a mini pipe to the right. Get through it and you’ll reach the last star coin for the stage.


Waddlewings Nest

  1. The first coin is inside a red pipe past some piranha plants. Ground pound the second path to get the coin.
  2. Close to the check point is a P block, below to the left: use it to make a brown block platform appear. Run on it to wall kick and get the Star Coin.
  3. The last Star Coin for the stage is in plain view near the end of the stage: you’ll see a platform going down. Just keep going down, avoid enemies and you’ll see the Star Coin.

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