New Super Mario Bros U World 6 Candy Rock Mines And World 7 Meringue Clouds Star Coins Guide

In this guide we’ll finally complete getting all the coins in World 6 Rock Candy Mines and start with a few coins located in World 7, Meringue Clouds, in Super Mario Bros U.


  • Rock Candy Mines

Shifting – Floor Cave

  1. The first Star Coin in this stage is in plain views and easy to get so no need to explain you what to do.
  2. While on the rising platform, jump at the right time to break some blocks, revealing the second Star Coin for the stage
  3. For the third Star Coin, you’ll need to get to the block bridge with a couple of koopas upon it: use one of the shells to reach the coin. If you mess up you can try again with the other koopa. There’s an invincibility star in this area: get it after you have gotten the Star Coin.

Roy’s Castle

  1. The way the stage is set, there’s no way you can get all three Star Coins in a single shot. The first coin is near some falling bricks near lava: you need to be fast so to not get the path to the coins sealed.
  2. The second one is visible a bit before checkpoint: be quick and get it.
  3. To get the third Star Coin you must use the back door of the castle. Go left and use the ? block to make blocks fall down: just like Star Coin number 1 you have to be quick otherwise you’ll get the path sealed off by the falling blocks.


  • Meringue Clouds

Land of the Flying Blocks

  1. The first coin is located in the red pipe all the way right to a sequence of piranha plants. Go inside the pipe and grab the Star Coin.
  2. Right after the first star coin, you’ll see the second one in mid-air: use a wall jump or the squirrel suit’s hover ability.
  3. The third coin is easily visible as well, surrounded by brown blocks: ground pound them and the coin will be yours.


Seesaw Shrooms

  1. The first coin can be easily seen after getting to the first ? block containing the first Yoshi of the stage.
  2. To get this second coin you’ll need Yoshi: after a circle of coins placed in the air, use Yoshi’s ability to reach the Lakitu and steal his cloud.
  3. The last Star Coin may be a little hard to get and require a few tries: you need to reach a green pipe surrounded by two fuzzies by leaving yoshi in the air to extend the jump. Once inside the pipe you’ll see the Star Coin, requiring you to do a double jump and THEN a wall jump to get high enough to get the coin.

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